Top 5 Forever Evil #3 Spoilers: Trinity War Justice Leagues Trap Reveal, Batman & Nightwing, Ultraman vs Black Adam & More (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

After reading Forever Evil #3, I can understand why DC Comics New 52 preview of Forever Evil #3 did not include Ethan Van Sciver three variant covers for the book.

It was because EVS’ third variant cover revealed the Trinity War trap the Justice League, Justice League of America and Justice League Dark at the hands of the Crime Syndicate.


SPOILERS follow for Forever Evil #3. Please tread carefully.

(5) Where Are Justice Leagues After Trinity War?

Forever Evil #3 reveals where the Justice Leagues are after Trinity War and their confrontation with Earth 3’s Crime Syndicate. We got a good luck at the individual prisons of the core League members in Justice League of America #8 (spoilers here). We also learn how Batman and Cyborg escaped.

Firestorm is mighty powerful.

(4) Batman, Catwoman & the Secrets We Keep?

It was inevitable that Batman would seek out his former ward Dick Grayson after he was outed as Nightwing in Forever Evil #1. It looks like Batman and Catwoman, despite being frenemies-with-benefits do keep secrets. Batman keeps his private life actually private. And now Batman is on a collision course with the Earth 3 Crime Syndicate.

The relationship between the Bat and the Cat is compelling, but confusing.

(3) Back To Basics For Rebelling Rogues?

In the current DC Comics New 52 Flash series, the new creative team gave all of Flash’s Rogues super-powers. In the olde days they used weapons and ingenuity to compensate for not having self-manifesting powers. Well, it looks like former Flash writer and now Forever Evil writer Geoff Johns may work to undo some or all of the Rogues super-powers.

Looks like Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion may have some surprises in store for the Rogues.

(2) Ultraman vs. Black Adam, Who Wins?

In the classic Kingdom Come series by co-writer Mark Waid and Alex Ross, with the latter also on art chores, a future Captain Marvel / Shazam defeats Superman by calling down the mystical Shazam lightening and moving out-of-the-way so it strikes him. It seems that this doesn’t work in the DC Comics New 52.

Black Adam tries the same strategy with Ultraman, both characters being analogous to Shazam and Superman respectively, and Ultraman still destroys Black Adam. WOW! Didn’t see that coming.

(1) This Looks Like A Job For… The Injustice League?

Lex Luthor gathers some strong villains to resist the Crime Syndicate.

So, this is the nucleus of the motley crew that is going save Prime Earth? Superman villains Lex Luthor and Bizarro. Aquaman’s foil Black Adam. Flash Rogue Captain Cold. And Shazam’s opposite number in Black Adam. Hmm.

Here comes the pain!

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