The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT – 11.06.13

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The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT – 11.06.13

Taped from Orlando, FL

Your hosts are Tom Phillips, Renee Young & Alex Riley

Sylvester Lefort v. Alexander Rusev

Our mysterious Russian woman dismisses Lefort as Rusev’s manager, even though all his payments were on time!  Rusev’s graphic notes that her name is “Lana”.  OK then.   Lefort casually tries to bribe Rusev into letting him live, but sadly the camel clutch finishes at 0:11.  Well, you can’t fault the strategy.

Meanwhile, the Mean Girls “apologize” to Bayley for breaking her headband, but Charlotte informs them that they do not in fact run the locker room.  Bayley, however, seems intrigued by Summer’s flattery.

Weirdly, the graphic that airs for the upcoming Luke Harper-Kassius Ohno match makes it sound like we just heard a Harper promo.  Which we did not.

El Local v. Leo Kruger

Kruger hits a spinebuster WITH AUTHORITY for two and tosses Local around like a sack of garbage, then puts him down with a lariat and hits a series of snap suplexes into a guillotine to finish at 2:10.  Kruger’s still lacking something with this character.

Meanwhile, Paige and Emma have a bitchy confrontation after their match last week.  Mostly Paige.

Another random Hulu oddity:  I get a Spanish commercial for that new “Frozen” movie.  WTF?

Travis Tyler & Troy McClain v. The Ascension

OK, I have to wonder if the “Troy and Travis” deal with the jobbers is a deliberate rib based on Tekno Team 2000.  Usual squash from the champs here as they finish with the Total Elimination at 1:30.  It’s well past time to come up with a new babyface team to challenge them.

Mojo Rawley v. Ty Dillinger

Mojo has some interesting tights going on, like he took Crush’s tights from the early 90s and cut them into new gear.  The crowd is right into a “Let’s Go Mojo” chant when the jobber cuts him off and pounds away on the ropes.  Mojo no-sells some chops, but Dillinger takes him down for a chinlock.  Mojo comes back with a slam and GETS HYPED, hitting the guy with corner splashes and finishing with the buttdrop at 3:21.  There is definitely something there with Mojo.  *1/2

Meanwhile, on RAW, they actually make me watch that stupid fucking Big Show-Orton angle AGAIN.

Luke Harper v. Kassius Ohno

They slug it out to start as the announcers kind of pretend like Harper squashing Ohno a few weeks ago didn’t happen.  Harper gets a backdrop and slams Ohno to take over, then controls with kicky-punchy stuff.  Harper with a cravat and he continues pounding on Ohno while even the announcers point out how boring this is.  Ohno finally puts Harper on the floor and we take a break.  Back with Ohno bumping to the floor off a big boot, and Harper drops elbows back in the ring for two.  Blind charge misses and Ohno gets two, but Harper puts him down again and goes to another facelock.  Finally Ohno makes his comeback with a dropkick and slugs away, and a Buff Blockbuster gets two.  Harper catches him with a bossman slam for two.  Big boot gets two.  Ohno gets his rolling elbow, but it only gets two, and Harper lariats him to finish at 15:50.  It’s not looking like Ohno is getting to the main roster, as Harper was treated like a big star and Ohno was the plucky developmental guy trying for an upset win.  **

The Pulse

Another placeholder show this week.  The absence of Sami Zayn and dare I say even Bo Dallas is really evident.  But at least they’re keeping the squashy shows short, with another 40 minute one this time.

Next week:  Charlotte & Bayley v. The Mean Girls, and Adrian Neville v. Corey Graves 2/3 Falls!