CW Arrow: As Black Canary Leaves Starling City, Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance Stays On TV & Joined By Audrey Marie Anderson As Lyla Michaels, The Harbinger? Plus More Michael Rowe’s Deadshot! (Spoilers)

In this past week’s CW Arrow episode “League of Assassins” we saw the League go after Sara Lance, their reluctant and wayward assassin Black Canary. Caity Lotz, the actress who plays the Black Canary ends up leaving Starling City in order to protect her family from Ra’s Al Ghul, his “child” who is presumably his daughter Talia (or her half-brother Dusan or half-sister Nyssa Raatko), and the broader League of Assassins. However, the episode ends with a flashback to the Mysterious Island era of Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen with Sara Lance very much working for his captors on the sea-faring vessel the Amazo and Dr. Anthony Ivo played by Dylan Neal who is looking to “save” humanity.

In next week’s CW Arrow episode “Keep Your Enemies Closer”, it appears that while Caity Lotz’s Black Canary is gone from modern-day Starling City, her Sara Lance is very much a part of the Mysterious Island era flashbacks facing Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen at the side of villain Dr. Anthony Ivo. Professor Ivo in the DC Comics was a great inventor of mechanical marvels in the form of robot villains like Amazo who was able replicate the powers of the Justice League. Is that how Dr. Ivo will save humanity as noted in the “League of Assassins” episode? Artificial life? And why is Sara Lance on his side? Maybe we’ll know more next week in “Keep Your Enemies Closer”.

In “Keep Your Enemies Closer” we also see the return of Michael Rowe’s Deadshot and the return of Audrey Marie Anderson as Lyla Michaels. She’s been in a few preceeding episodes, but I didn’t make her comic book connection to The Harbinger until recently (and I actually read the first comic book series called New Guardians in the late 1980’s).

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