DC Comics New 52 Releases Justice League #25 & #26 Preview Teaser Pages! (Earth 3 Crime Syndicate & Forever Evil Spoilers)

DC Comics has released some black and white pages from December 4th’s Justice League #25 and December 24th’s Justice League #26.

It looks like Justice League #25 may be in part an origin story for Earth 3’s Owlman of the Crime Syndicate the way Justice League #24 did the same for Ultraman.

In addition, it appears we may learn more about the Crime Syndicate’s Grid past in Justice League #26 however by process of elimination I would have thought that this issue would reveal Earth 3’s Crime Syndicate’s Superwoman’s past. Maybe that issue will tackle both or that Grid page above is set in the modern-day DC Comics New 52 leaving part of the issue to explore the past of Earth 3 Crime Syndicate Superwoman?

Fun times ahead!

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