Demythify: Son Vs Father For Marvel’s Infinity #6?! Who Is Thane, What Are His Powers & Why Does Thanos Fear His Son? (Infinity #4 & #5 Spoilers & Infinity #6 Preview)

With Marvel Comics’ efforts to bring back lapsed readers and gain net new readers, I have been checking out a few new titles under the Marvel Now banner: All-New X-Men, Cable and X-Force and the Indestructible Hulk: Agent of T.I.M.E. arc are three titles that have stayed on my pull list despite me sampling many more.

In addition, Marvel Comics has an event book called Infinity culminating with issue #6 this month. I wasn’t keen on this event mini-series initially, until I heard it would feature the debut the son of Thanos, Thane. Thanos as a character is Marvel’s answer to DC Comics’ Darkseid and arguably Thanos is more popular and profitable with his Avengers film debut in 2012, but having a son that would endure past Infinity was intriguing for me. As a long time fan of Marvel’s Invaders and DC Comics’ Justice Society, I have been fascinated with the concept of super-hero legacy and heritage. Thane, the Son of Thanos, would seem fit that bill with an almost Shakespearean father-son dynamic expected.

As we prepare to read the concluding chapter of 2013’s Infinity saga in November’s Infinity #6, I’ve pieced together who Thane is, what his powers appear to be and why Thanos fears him. I’ve pulled that from Infinity #4 and #5 spoilers, Infinity #6 preview and the Avengers Alliance game.

SPOILERS follow.

While I haven’t picked up all the Infinity comic book tie-ins, I found Infinity #4 and Infinity #5 relatively accessible and am intrigued about the upcoming Infinity #6.

(5) Black Bolt AND Thanos, My Two Dads? (Infinity #4 Spoilers)

It would seem that the battle between Inhuman King Black Bolt created Thane. Well, the super-powered incarnation of Thane anyway. While Thanos may be the biological father of Thane, the super-father of the super-powered Inhuman Thane can be Black Bolt.

Black Bolt was the one who triggered the Terrigen Bomb that led to Thane’s Inhuman enlightenment and granting of super-powers.

(4) The Inhuman (Re)Birth of Thane? (Infinity #4 Spoilers)

As a result of Black Bolt’s all-powerful voice, the Terrigen Bomb explodes and washes over worlds resulting in Thane getting his latent Inhumanity activated.

(3) Is Naivety An Inhuman Super-Power & Thanos’ Long Shadow? (Infinity #5 Spoilers)

After having his powers activated and his appearance metamorphosing, Thane gets armor which is made of…

…deception and his own naivety. 😉 Thane gets his armor, but he gets a main course of double cross too. Thanos’ influence casts a long shadow across the Marvel 616 universe.

(2a) Shakespeare’s Long Shadow? (Infinity #5 Spoilers)

Thanos vs. Thane, Round 1. Father over son. Very Shakespearean for why Thanos fears Thane. ‘Nuff said.

(2b) “Interesting Thing About Him, Thanos… He Has A–“? (Infinity #5 Spoilers)

The last preceding panel mid page shows a minion of Thanos’ attempting to reveal something seemingly important and interesting about the capture son of Thanos, Thane. Could this be his super-powers as revealed (accidentally?) by Avengers Alliance (an online game accessible through their Facebook page)?

With Thanos being obsessed with Lady Death, does his son Thane really have the power over “Life and Death” as revealed in Avengers Alliance as reported by Following The Nerd?

As I don’t play Avengers Alliance, are there any other interesting tidbits about Thane revealed through the game?

(1) Infinity Conclusion Collision Course? (Infinity #6 Preview)

Marvel Comics released a preview of Infinity #6, out on November 20th, that sets up both a Thane vs. Thanos confrontation (it is inevitable, right?) and depicts a Hulk vs. Thanos slugfest.

Since I haven’t read any of the Infinity tie-in issues across the Marvel Comics publishing line, has anything else been revealed about Thane in advance of this month’s Infinity #6 finale? I am intrigued. I’m curious how Thane will play into Inhumanity, an upcoming Marvel series.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome. 🙂

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