DVD Review: Monsters vs. Aliens: Cloning Around

Dreamworks has a fairly remarkable formula when it comes to their animated films. If it’s a big enough hit with franchise potential, they make an animated version for the same audience it gets marketed to on the small screen as it does on the big screen. Children, especially younger ones, may not watch a ton of movies in theatres but they do watch an awful lot of television in comparison. And thus if they can get them into a television show with a big screen counterpart every couple of years they can count on their parents dragging them out to the theatre for a couple hours.

Cloning Around is the television series based off the hit animated film Monsters vs. Aliens. Replacing the cast of name actors with counterparts able to replicate the voices of their more famous cinematic counterparts, the show follows the same cast of characters they get into wacky shenanigans on a regular basis, defending the world (and each other) from various enemies.

It’s good fare for those with young children if they enjoyed the film. While the film hasn’t had a sequel made (yet) it’s a nice bridge to it. It takes away all the gentle, easy to miss prods at old monster films and makes it significantly more accessible for younger children. It’s fairly innocuous fare but certainly nothing profound.

No extras beside an EPK piece are included.

Dreamworks presents Monsters vs. Aliens: Cloning Around . Featuring the voices of: Riki Lindhome, Eric Edelstein, Chris O’Dowd, Diedrich Bader, Gillian Jacobs. Running time: 176 minutes. Released: October 15, 2013.