10 Thoughts On… Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Episode 8 Review

1. The overconfidence of the Baskauskas brothers is certainly what led to their demise last week. Really, while I applauded the play of both Aras and Vytas last week, the writing was on the wall for both of them based on the edit of the show thus far. While I believe that both Aras and Vytas played pretty solid games up to this point, they had to realize that they were the most dominant pair left in the game. By both making it to the final round of the immunity challenge, they basically destroyed their own games as their respective performances only served to highlight how strong they were to the others.

2. The other point that has been overlooked up to this point is the fact that it wasn’t like Aras and Vytas made it to the end of a physical immunity challenge. The memory game gave everyone a fair shot at winning and that makes their decision to dominate it even more baffling. While I understand it from Vytas’ perspective (as his life in the game has been hanging on by a thread), Aras should have definitely dropped out when he saw that the number of players had dwindled down to only a couple.

3. Why didn’t Hayden/Ciera/Caleb find the idol? Tyson basically found it just based on the clues that they had given him.

4. I was thrilled that Laura was the one who reentered the game from Redemption Island as her return has the most dramatic effect. This was proved by her and Ciera immediately assuming the swing vote position. Also, how satisfying do you think it was for her when she saw that Aras was the one who left the game?

5. In that same regard, it makes zero sense to me as to why Laura/Ciera didn’t decide to team up with the other couples (Tina/Katie and Aras/Vytas). While I understand that they voted her out previously, this was the best move for all 6 of them to make sure they got to the end game with their loved one.

6. Tyson is getting the same amount of confessional and publically-patting-yourself-on-the-back time that Rob and Cochran received and they both won their seasons.

7. There is no question that Vytas, Tina, Laura and Ciera are the next to go in some order. Tyson’s move to align with players who did not still have a loved one in the game was a good move, but it will be fascinating to see what happens after the aforementioned quartet leaves the game.

8. Looking forward to seeing Tina’s fangs come out tonight as she is synonymous with keeping her cool in the game.

9. Hayden and Caleb seem to have made it past their danger point in the game and now just need to keep their heads down and let everyone else take the hit.

10. Gervase might just be the most improved Survivor player of all time.

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