Forever Evil Arkham War #2 Spoilers: Who Gets The Upper Hand & What’s Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon Up To? (DC Comics New 52 Batman In Review)

Spoilers follow.

Following the intense preview for Forever Evil Arkham War #2, it sure looks like the war rages between Bane and his “sane” villains vs. Penguin, Scarecrow and the “insane” Arkham Asylum escapee villains.

The Court of Owls Talons are a key weapon in this war as they were in Forever Evil Arkham War #1 (spoilers here). It also seems that Bane has a plan for Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon

Interestingly, earlier in the issue, the Penguin also had plans to “help” GCPD Commissioner James Gordon.

So, the Penguin helps Gordon get into Blackgate to save the warden. And, at the end of the issue, Bane helps James Gordon and his accomplices flee. While both villains think GCPD’ James Gordon may be a pawn, what will he do in the end? Take a side or carve his own path in a fractured Gotham City?

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