Justice League of America #9 Forever Evil Spoilers: Where Are The Rest Of The Justice League & Can They Escape? Plus The Variant Cover Revealed! (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

Spoilers follow.

In last month’s Justice League of America #8 we learned where the Justice League, Justice League of America and Justice League disappeared to at the end of Trinity War. That included Superman, Wonder Woman, Firestorm, Flash and Shazam through the eyes of an escaping Martian Manhunter and Stargirl. In the preview to this week’s Justice League of America #9, we learned what happened to Madame Xanadu of Justice League Dark.

In last month’s Justice League of America #8 we also learned the nature of the prison the Justice Leagues were in and in Forever Evil #3 we learned the who, what and where of this prison. Is it a prison or salvation? Time will tell.

We also got a look at the amazing variant cover for the issue (see right).

In reading this week’s Justice League of America #9 we learn where are other Justice League members are in this prison.

We start with a raging Aquaman who fights polluters who killed sea life.

We also learn of the escaping Martian Manhunter’s trippy mind-bending hell.

Manhunter’s escape mate Stargirl also has her origin revealed through several panels in the issue as she continues her escape from where the Justice Leagues are.

There was an interesting cameo of Yankee Poodle from Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew on Stargirl’s television. Captain Carrot is not to be mistaken with Captain K’Rot of DC Comics New 52’s Threshold.

Stargirl comes to Martian Manhunter’s rescue. So, who was Manhunter really sparring with? And, they both make their escape and seem to have a very Firestorm like outcome with two beings inhabiting one body.

Looks like its Stargirl vs. the Secret Society next issue!

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