Suicide Squad #25 Forever Evil Spoilers: What Is Task Force Y & Will It Be Enough To Stop The Crime Syndicate’s Secret Weapon? Plus What’s Up With Harley Quinn? (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

Spoilers follow.

Last issue we saw TWO Suicide Squads go after one secret weapon: OMAC. The Earth 3’s – Forever Evil – Crime Syndicate have tasked the Thinker to get it for them. The Thinker has created, posing as Amanda Waller, a new Suicide Squad of heroes who came into conflict with the actual Suicide Squad. In the preview to Suicide Squad #25, the battle is heated between the two Squads, until they realize something…

… that the heroic Suicide Squad has been duped.

Harley Quinn, on the “real” Suicide Squad, would appear to have double-crossed Waller and appears to be in cahoots with the Thinker.

Could this all be part of some elaborate pending double swerve by Harley?

Amanda Waller also reveals to James Gordon Jr. the various Task Forces – of which Task Force X, the real name of the Suicide Squad, is but one – and digs up Task Force Y to turn the tides in the Forever Evil battle with the Crime Syndicate. Gordon is protecting Waller from former Suicide Squad’er King Shark who is aligned with the Thinker for an interesting reason.

Could Task Force Y be King Shark’s aforementioned father?

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