Superman / Wonder Woman #2 Spoilers: Just How Powerful Is Superman? And Greek Gods, Doomsday, A New Villain Too… Oh My! (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

Spoilers follow.

After last issue’s reveal of Doomsday as the first force to challenge Superman / Wonder Woman, and the devastation that followed, we have the fallout from the battle.

Wonder Woman asks Hephaestus, the Greek God of blacksmiths, the craft armor for Superman to allow him to fight Doomsday. Of course, Hephaestus must test the Man of Steel first.

The Lord of Olympus in the DC Comics New 52 continuity is the Greek God of the Sun Apollo and he has issues with Wonder Woman, the daughter of Zeus, cavorting with Superman who is not a god nor human. He says some very unflattering things about Wonder Woman to which Superman rises to defend her honor. And a battle between Superman and Apollo ensues. Who wins, you ask? Well…

A very cool battle between the Sun God and the Sun-Powered Kryptonian culminated with a Superman win.

Doomsday is still “out there” and yet another formidable obstacle is in Superman and Wonder Woman’s future as noted in Superman / Wonder Woman #2’s cliffhanger page!

Oh, oh. General Zod is here and his spacecraft is activated/unearthed in the Sahara Desert!

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