Ender’s Game Movie Review – Just Seen It

Earth has barely survived an alien war. With another invasion looming, the military recruits young minds to train for battle. The brilliant Ender Wiggin might be the one to save the world. Starring Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld and Ben Kingsley. Directed by Gavin Hood. Written by Gavin Hood. Produced by Orson Scott Card, Robert Chartoff, Lynn Hendee, Alex Kurtzman, Linda McDonough, Roberto Orci, Gigi Pritzker and Ed Ulbrich. Genre: Science fiction. Aaron, Kevin and guest reviewer Scott Mantz discuss the film adaptation of the beloved sci-fi novel. Starring Aaron Fink, Kevin Taft and Scott Mantz. Directed by Sean Wright. Edited by Zach Wiegmann. Sound Design by Aaron Fink and Nick Isaacs. Produced by David Freedman, Cooper Griggs, Aaron Fink, Pedro Raposo, Amy Taylor and Devin Law.