UFC 167 – Fox Sports 1 Undercard – Live Results, Play By Play, Discussion

Welcome fight fans to our continuing coverage of UFC 167. Below is our live play by of UFC 167’s Fox Sports 1 undercard.

135 lbs.: Edwin Figueroa vs. Erik Perez

Round 1: Both guys come out fast and then Figueroa becomes the first guy on the card to get hit in the nuts tonight at 4:20. Full on with the shin, too. Rogan with the “sweet baby jesus” line cracked me up. Figueroa is back and Perez is throwing to the inside leg again. He gets in on a single, kicks the leg up and gets in. Figueroa back up as Perez is trying to drag him down. Nice knee against the cage from Perez, too. Nice front kick to the body knocks Figueroa down, Perez wants him to keep standing. Perez is throwing really nice combinations right now. Hard kick from Figueroa is caught and Perez gets the takedown. Perez is trying to move to mount and Figueroa is playing defense right now. Perez is throwing some nice body shots as he’s making his move. He’s looking to grab a head arm triangle but Figueroa is out an dup. Perez with the takedown again, this time against the cage. Perez with some nice ground and pound to end the round. 10-9 Perez

Round 2: Both guys coming in fast. Perez is looking to throw and make a level change. Big right drops Figueroa, set up by a nice body shot, and Figueroa is back up. Wild brawl as Figueroa is starting to let his hands go. Perez shoots in with a double, elevation and slam into side control. Perez is looking to mount but passes to back control; really nicely done. Grabs a heel pick as he’s looking to open up a rear naked choke. Figueroa trying to get up as Perez controls him on the back. Figueroa back up to his feet, getting Perez off his back, and Perez lets him out. Figueroa with a nice combination, followed by a nice body shot. Figueroa is landing some nice shots and Perez grabs a double, Figueroa with a front headlock looking to grab guard. Perez is in full guard and Figueroa content to ride out in full guard right now; he’s working for a standup and Perez is laying into him on the ground. Ridiculous stand up with 10 seconds left as Perez is actively working for a head arm triangle. Round ends on the feet. 10-9 Perez, 20-18 Perez

Round 3: Figueroa comes out wild again as Perez isn’t taking the bait to get into a brawl. Not a lot of action as we’re getting a lot of movement but not a lot of throwing and landing. Figueroa eats another shot to the nuts but nothing that he needs a break over. Perez in deep on a double with three minutes left and he’s in half guard. Not much action as Perez is looking to move to a head arm triangle and Figueroa is keeping him locked down in half guard. He grabs side control with two minutes left but not much action; this is about set ups right now and Figueroa is trying not to get finished. This is pure defense on his part, nothing more. North/South and some nice body shots with the knee from Perez. Figueroa up and Perez right back to the takedown, grabbing a double and pulling him to the ground. Figueroa gets back up and we’ve got some wild brawling to end the round. 10-9 Perez, 30-27 Perez

Official decision – Perez via unanimous decision (30-27×3)

170 lbs.: Brian Ebersole vs. Rick Story

Round 1: Story is coming out very aggressive. Goes in for a takedown, can’t get it down. Ebersole has been hit hard and he’s a bit leery of Story’s power. His striking looks really crisp. Catches a leg kick and nearly gets a takedown off it. Ebersole is coming in with unorthodox shots and Story is tagging him hard. Story is throwing big shots but he’s also being really disciplined with it; there’s nothing sloppy or wild. Ebersole is trying to dart in and out but Story is landing when he gets inside. Ebersole with a low single that gets stuffed. Story’s power is confusing Ebersole so far; he doesn’t want to get tagged as Story lands a nice left hook in response to a right from Ebersole. He’s trying to feint and strike but Story is just throwing big shots that are connecting. Story with a nice left as Ebersole is trying some unorthodox stuff that isn’t landing. Story 10-9

Round 2: Story gets a body lock early and switches to a single, gets the takedown and lands in side control. Ebersole backs up and out. Ebersole is engaging a bit more this round but Story isn’t throwing light. Ebersole in for a single and Story powers out of it. Nice left and Story has a lot of confidence in his hands. Ebersole is trying to do a lot of things but he’s getting met with big shots from Story that wobble him. Story’s power is off the charts and Ebersole doesn’t know what to do. He just knows not to engage in prolonged firefights right now. Ebersole is hitting nice jabs but Story is landing full power shots as soon as he does. Story is countering Ebersole’s light stuff with big power shots. Story starts to work the body more with a minute left. Ebersole in deep on a single and Story hops back to the cage. Ebersole is trying to run the pike but can’t finish it. Cage dancing for the final 10 seconds, Story makes him pay with a big right as the round ends. Story 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Story in on the takedown early and he’s landing some nice shots from guard. He postures up and out and lets Ebersole back up. Ebersole looks like he’s trying to do just enough to not get finished but not enough to get warned for inactivity. He has nothing for Story, and his big counters. Story wants the fight sealing takedown to grind it out. Story is landing some nice rights over the top as Ebersole is able to take the shots but not do much to land in return. Nice left against the cage for Story as Ebersole is able to take it but isn’t landing anything of note. Story with a big leg kick and Ebersole buckles. He’s hurt and Story is throwing some big hands now. He lands another huge kick and Ebersole is hurt. Ebersole falls from another and Story is in side control. Story grinds out the final moments on top. 10-9 Story, 30-27 Story

Official decision – Story by unanimous decision (30-27×3)

185 lbs.: Ed Herman vs. Thales Leites

Round 1: Both guys come swinging wildly and Leites tags Herman, knocking him down. He’s down and Leites pounces, nearly eating an upkick. Leites on him, nearly getting hit with a handful of upkicks as he tries to set up a standing guard pass. In half guard as Herman is looking to wrap him up for a stand up. Leites looking to go to mount but Herman’s defense is really good. Leites into side control. Herman scrambles his way back up and we’re against the cage. Leites with the trip attempt and Herman defends, staying on his feet. Second time’s the charm and he’s in half guard with two minutes to go. Leites counters the scramble by grabbing back, looking for the RNC. Herman plays hand control as Leites is in a bad spot to get the choke. He’s looking for an armbar and can’t get it, Herman rolls to his stomach and Leties lands some nice strikes. Leties grabs back again in the middle of the cage. Herman initiates the scramble and we’re back to our feet. 10-9 Leites

Round 2: Herman coming out looking to stand and is landing some nice jabs. Leites ducks into a level change and gets Herman against the cage. Herman defending well as we’re into the cage dancing game right now. Leites eventually gets the trip and he’s on the ground in half guard. He moves to mount and Herman gives up his back and Leites has his hooks in. He’s against the cage though, making the RNC tough. Nice scramble from Herman but Leites back on top in half guard. Moves to side control and then to back as Leties really wants the RNC. Herman looks for the omaplata and back into half guard. Leites with some nice ground and pound as the round ends. 10-9 Leites, 20-18

Round 3: Herman coming out wild and Leites with the body lock, Herman works his way out. He knows he’s down and is pressing for a finish right now. He’s clearly tired and throwing wild, gassed out haymakers. Leites working the body lock but can’t complete the takedown. Herman presses Leites against the cage and nearly gets the takedown. Herman grabs the fence to block but after a warning from Winslow gets taken down, properly. Some grappling on the ground as Leites is looking to move to mount or back and Herman is defending. Leites eventually gets back mount and rolls him to the mat. He’s looking for an arm-triangle or RNC but Herman is just giving him nothing. He’s looking to get out of this fight without being finished, nothing more. 10-9 Leites, 30-27 Leites

Official decision – Leites by unanimous decision (30-27×3)

155 lbs.: Evan Dunham vs. Donald Cerrone

Round 1: Both guys come out wild as Dunham looks for the takedown early. Cerrone with the block and lands some nice knees to the sternum. Theses guys are throwing down and putting out a high a pace early. Nice knee from Cerrone and Dunham is hurt. cerrone pounces and is landing some huge shots. Dunham has weathered the storm and is now in full guard, eating body shots. Dunham powers out and gets on top. Triangle fails, then an omaplata to transition into side control. Cerrone in the sprawl right now as Dunham rolls to his knees. Dunham presses Cerrone to the cage and starts throwing knees. Cerrone is trying to pummel under as Dunham tries to complete the takedown. Couple of hard knees from Cerrone and Dunham backs out. Another knee to the body as Cerrone has a confidence to him right now. Another big shot and Dunham is bleeding profusely right now. Cerrone is having big success with knees right now; he needs to get in close to get to the ground but to do that he’s eating a lot of punishment from the Cowboy. 10-9 Cerrone

Round 2: Wild brawl to start as he tries to get in close and Cerrone is using distance really well right now. Cerrone with a nice body shot; Dunham in again and he’s stuffed. Dunham is starting to get into brawling mode right now as he’s about to give up his desire to get this fight to the ground. Cerrone is taking him apart right now. Cerrone fakes a double and lands a nice knee to the body. Dunham is starting to put combinations together but is backing out as soon as Cerrone threatens to throw a knee. Cerrone is controlling the center and the fight so far. Dunham in deep but Cerrone gets back, nice trip and into side control. Dunham to half guard as Cerrone is trying to posture up. Dunham is trying to sweep his way up. He sneaks out the back door and gets right into a triangle. It’s in deep and Dunham taps at 3:50 of the second round.

Official decision – Donald Cerrone wins via submission at 3:50 of the second round

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