Random Thoughts: Total Divas – Episode 10

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{Ed. Note: If you missed my post in my “Raw Review”, I can no longer budget the time to complete a “10 Thoughts” style of column to HTC or Inside Pulse. Instead I’ll be reverting back to my old “Quick Hits” style of format, just rebranded as “Random Thoughts” since I’ll likely rant about one thing or another. I hope you enjoy these article as much as the “10 Thoughts” and any feedback would be much appreciated. – MJH}

SEASON RECAP: SummerSlam is over. John Cena’s hurt but moving in with Nikki and Brie’s on top of the world. Oh and the other girls are there too. Welcome back to WWE Total Divas!

– Nikki moves in with John. 26 boxes & one box full of “female pleasure devices”. Not awkward at all.

– Eva Marie – ring announcer. This’ll be a train wreck.

– Hmmm, I wonder if they’ll be tension now that Daniel Bryan has to be on the road so much more…

– Woah! I’ve never seen blood spurt out of an injury like that except for in a horror movie. They were wiping blood off of people’s faces, the curtains and even the damn lights! That’s just insane.

– Eva Marie doesn’t think she can remember a few facts for ONE MATCH?! She’ll be a lifer.

– “10 days with no sex? That’s not ok in my book.” – Nikki Bella. Good thing she brought that box.

– Eva Marie didn’t know the way to Gorilla…

– Alright so 3MB are a joke. But even my wife knows Jinder Mahal’s name and she despises everyone in 3MB.

– I’ll give Eva Marie this: she owned up to her mistake and confronted 3MB without prodding. Though her saying she at least “didn’t cheat” doesn’t endear her to many as usual.

– So I had to stop this part of the show 4 different times because my wife and kept arguing about who was right in this scenario & why we could see each side’s stance as being legitimate. Me, I take Cena’s side. The guy’s worth millions & just got out of a divorce. Nikki walked into the situation extremely naively & was legitimately blindsided. I don’t know, what do you guys think?

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