Transformers Review: Fall of Cybertron Ultra Magnus

“My name’s Arthur, but everyone calls me Wart”

Transformers Review: Generations FoC Ultra Magnus
Size: Deluxe
A TF review written exclusively for Inside Pulse by Rikkomba
The review is a lie

Fall of Cybertron had a nice selection of valiant Autobots, but Ultra Magnus was nowhere to be found. However, Hasbro gave us a repaint and remold of Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime as the latest incarnation of Optimus’ long lost brother (or whatever you can call a totally unrelated guy who always shows up wearing an exact copy of your body).






Ultra Magnus’ vehicle mode is exactly the same as Optimus’: compact, tidy and cute. I personally like the repaint much more than the original, but that’s me. Somebody could see all this blue as the first, official Smurfs-Transformers crossover.


BFS is the new BFG

Because of course, when all your friends are robot giants armed with atomic weapons the best way to stand out is to bring… a giant sword!



And what a sword it is! This accessory is not found on the regular Optimus Prime version of the mold, and is so good that I recommend buying Ultra Magnus for it alone.



Most importantly, not only Ultra Magnus now has two weapons, but rifle and sword can be combined into a GIANT GIANT SWORD! How cool is that?





The sword can be held with two hands, making for some cool poses.


From City Commander to sudden remold and back!

Usually repaints are not that interesting for most collectors, especially those who prefer the canon version of a mold. From this point of view Ultra Magnus has everything to lose: it’s a repaint with just a remolded head and it does not appear in the FoC universe videogame. However, this particular repaint won me over for a couple of reasons. First, the new accessory, a GIANT sword, is as awesome as TF accessories go (including minicons, I might add). Second, the GIANT sword allows you to recreate a particular scene from the videogame (more on this in a future review). Third, the new head and color scheme make this mold fit Ultra Magnus much more than Optimus (not transforming the exhaust pipes on the shoulders adds to the magic). And finally, I just like the new colors a lot, and because I am the reviewer this counts an awful lot!  All of this together makes Fall of Cybertron Ultra Magnus one of my favourite Transformers ever. I highly recommend its purchase, even if you are not interested in the videogame series.


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