This Week In Wrestling History #8 (Norman Smiley, Bret Hart, Survivor Series)

Have YOU ever wondered what happened in wrestling history during the week 18th November – 24th November?

Well, keep reading and you might find out.

Major Events:

1990 – Sgt. Krueger and Col. DeKlerk defeated The Beast and Kaluha in the Apartheid Memorial Tournament.

1999 – WCW Mayhem became the first ever show to headline with a Norman Smiley hardcore match.

2002 – Survivor Series was held for the first time without any Survivor Series matches, thus making it as pointless as the rest of the the PPVs. Good job, WWE!

2005 – WWE announces details of its “Wellness Policy”. Epic “lols” were had by all in the wrestling world.


Title Changes:

1978 – Tony Garea & Larry Zbyszko defeated The Yukon Lumberjacks for the WWWWFF Yukon Lumberback Tag Team title

1980 – Ted DiBiase (the good one) defeated Ken Patera for the Misisaw…Mississau…Toronto Heavyweight title

1983 – Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson defeated the Samoan Swat Team, after the Samoans had earlier stolen Tony’s atlas.


1996 – Psycho Sid Eudy defeated the Surprisingly Popular Shawn Michaels for the WWF Heavyweight title. Amazing.

1999 – Northamptonshire’s Finest Norman Smiley defeated Brian Knobbs to become the first WCW Hardcore Champion.

Career points:

1998 – Gillberg defeated Christian for the WWF Light Heavyweight title and went on to hold the title for another 12 years.

1998 – The Rock defeated Mankind for the WWF World Heavyweight title. I can’t remember if this was the one with the ridiculously overdone chair-shot finish or the fake screwjob ending, but I’m sure it was significant for some reason.

1999 – Bret Hart defeated Crispin Noir in a tournament final for the WCW Heavyweight title in what was described at the time as “the most Canadian night in the history of this sport.”


2002 – Jeff Jarrett defeated Ron Killings to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title by actually killing Ron Killings. Ron would not be seen in the ring until his resurrection in 2008.

Fun Fact:

In 2002, Billy Kidman defeated Jamie Noble for the WWE Cruiserweight title. Remember that? Remember when WWE had a cruiserweight division? Remember? The cruiserweights? Remember when they had a cruiserweight title? DO YOU?

Thanks for reading! Come back again next week to find out what happened…next week…in history!

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