10 Thoughts On… Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Episode 9 Review

1. The most important move of this past tribal council was Monica deciding to vote outside of her alliance and deciding to send Vytas home instead of Katie in the first vote. There was a great secret scene where Tyson discusses Monica’s instability and how that serves as a warning to the other members of her alliance that she cannot be trusted. Tyson admitted that he was speaking from experience as this is what ended up costing him the game in Heroes vs. Villains and how he has learned from it and it was a rare moment of poignant honesty from this season’s only possible winner who prefers to knock out entertaining one-liners in the majority of his confessionals. I highly recommend watching the clip if you can find it online.

2. How great was it to see Tina explode after tribal council? I knew it would be good, but that was even better than I expected. It was the first time in the three seasons that she has played where she didn’t have control and it was fun to see.

3. It’s always great to see players win immunity who need it the most and that’s one of the best indications to see who is really there to play. I loved when Katie won the second immunity of the episode and it would be heard to root against her at this point.

4. Based on the preview for tonight’s episode, it seems pretty obvious that Ciera is going to cast a vote against her mother. It would be stunning if it happened but based on the previews that have been running all week, I really don’t see any other result.

5. Everyone agrees that Tyson is playing the best game, but could a case be made for Gervase? It’s unbelievable that this is the same guy from Borneo, and it’s clear that he is letting Tyson get most of the attention while he is just as responsible for so many of the evictions. There is no doubt that he is the most improved player in Survivor history?

6. Where is Caleb?! Painted as an integral player at the beginning of the season, it’s hard to even remember that he is still in the game. Has he received even one confessional in the past few episodes?

7. While I am still rooting for Katie, it’s clear that she is going to go soon. That’s when this season will really pick up as I want to see how Tyson and Gervase manage to navigate through all of the alliances that they have created.

8. It’s amazing that Tyson wants to keep Hayden in the game. I really don’t understand it as Hayden could easily rack up a few immunity wins in a row. It would be like Boston Rob keeping Grant in on Redemption Island or Cochran choosing to keep Malcolm around on Fans vs. Favorites 2. After merge, physically intimidating players should be earmarked for dismissal.

9. Who are you rooting for in the Redemption Island battle tonight?

10. I am going to really miss Vytas on this season. One of the best players I have seen in recent memory.

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