Supergirl #25 Krypton Returns Part 3 Spoilers: A New Hero Emerges, A Villain Returns As Superman, Superboy & Supergirl Go Through H’El (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

Supergirl #25 marks Part 3 of the four-part Krypton Returns mini-event across the Superman Family titles. It started in Action Comics Annual #2 (spoilers here) with Part 2 last week in Superboy #25 (spoilers here). Part 4 will be in next week’s Superman #25 (solicit here).

Spoilers follow.

Supergirl #25 opens with Superman, Superboy and Supergirl still in three different alternate time periods in Krypton’s past created by the villain H’El’s incursions in the timestream. We also see that the ominipresent Oracle gets a herald for his omniverse work.

Supergirl is the past during Krypton’s clone war fighting H’El.

That first page above with a crouching Supergirl in front of a menacing H’El seems like odd sexist imagery in light of the sexist imagery in this week’s Harley Quinn #0.

Superboy is in Krypton’s past protecting a pre-Supergirl Kara Zor-el. The Eradicator returns from seemingly dying last week. Superboy’s plan to defeat him means future Eradicator encounters in the modern-day DC New 52 Earth.

Due to the success of Supergirl and Superboy in foiling H’El’s machinations in Krypton’s past, the two timelines they are in merge and H’El seems to sense both and the merging as he is a “singularity” (in his own words).

Lastly, we don’t get too much about Superman’s timeline; only two pages whose cliffhanger seems to be revealed on the cover of next week’s Superman #25 the last of the four interlocking covers. Superman is talking with his mom Lara in the issue who in the DC Comics New 52 is quite a warrior having taken on and survived Doomsday during Villains Month.

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