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New Girl – “Longest Night Ever”
new girl

This season of New Girl has not been the strongest, but I think the show is finding its footing now with the Nick and Jess relationship, and the addition of Damon Wayans Jr. as Coach. This week, Schmidt wasn’t as isolated and all the storylines tied together in a way that really worked. I liked the idea of Cece and Coach going out, because it dealt with both of those characters recovering from breakups as well as Schmidt dealing with his own baggage. He blew it with Cece and has no right to be jealous or hurt, but of course he is. Jess was forced to babysit him to prevent him from ruining the date, while Nick had to go help Winston find his misplaced cat.

The cat storyline, and Winston’s subsequent hookup, was by far the most bizarre part of the episode. But it was also goddamn funny.

Best moments:

  • “Nick, you know what a squirrel looks like. You’ve been outside.”
  • “She’s on a flip-phone. She’s either poor or a time-traveler.”

The Mindy Project – “Mindy Lahiri is a Racist”
Before this episode aired, Mindy Kaling tweeted that it contained a lot of jokes that made her nervous. She had nothing to fear – for the second week in a row, I straight-up loved the episode. But what sets this episode apart was that it was a favorite that centered around workplace comedy. Usually when Mindy knocks one out of the park, it’s a Mindy-centric, rom-com type of episode.

The premise of this episode was the practice accidentally getting featured on a white power mommy blog (I bet you one actually exists, but I’m afraid to look) and everything spiraled out of control from there. The senior partners kept blowing their opportunities to set the record straight when the midwives protested their racism. Mindy offended Tamra when she insulted Tamra’s “deadbeat” boyfriend, Ray-Ron. As revenge, Tamra joined the protests.

I liked how everything built up to create the chaos that ensured. We’ve heard enough about Ray-Ron now as viewers to think that he sucks, but Tamra loves him and Mindy was rude to just take it upon herself to criticize Tamra’s relationship. I also loved how Tamra coiuld so easily misconstrue things Mindy said to make them racist – that Mindy told her to use a separate bathroom (because Tamra made a mess shaving her legs in the office bathroom) and to dump her white boyfriend for someone “more like her” (i.e., someone smart and attractive).

Best moments:

  • Tamra couldn’t shave her legs at home because Ray-Ron turned her bathroom into a recording studio.
  • Worst jobs according to Danny Castellano: Male model, mugger, PR person.
  • “He counts his black friends, everybody, that says it all.”

Modern Family – “ClosetCon ’13″
There was a lot going on in this episode – what, four storylines?
1) Claire and Jay go to a closet convention
2) Gloria tries to force Haley and Alex a little closer together
3) Phil, Manny and Luke try to fix Jay’s model Apollo 13 when they break it
4) Mitch, Cam and Lily visit Cam’s family in Missouri
Despite all the madness, overall I liked this episode. Missouri in particular brought a lot of laughs, just because I liked seeing Mitch try and get down with the country bumpkin’ ways. I’ve also really come to like New Lily, since the writers have given her these dark, weird jokes to deliver. I think the weakest storyline was Claire and Jay’s, but overall the episode was a win.
Best moment: “Y’all fightin’?”

The Big Bang Theory – “The Thanksgiving Decoupling”

You know, episodes where Leonard and Penny fight reeeeally aren’t my favorites. What I liked about this episode was Sheldon’s unlikely connection with Bernadette’s dad. Watching him talk football, get drunk on beer and mock Howard was delightful.
Best moment: The look on Amy’s face when Sheldon said “Now how’s about you get us a couple beers?” and spanked her.

Parks and Recreation – “Fluoride” and “The Cones of Dunshire”
parksBack to back episodes again! I loved “Fluoride”. My favorite was April trying to figure out Donna’s spirit-dog (answer: she’s a cat!), but this episode was great all around. I adored Chris trying to glean parenting tips from Ron during a woodworking session. Leslie and Tom trying to convince Pawnee to put Fluoride in the water was a solid, funny main storyline.

I liked “The Cones of Dunshire” because, well, my husband is basically Ben. I have come to realize this, and I’m OK with this. It was fun to watch him nerd out over made-up “Settlers of Catan” like games, accounting and calzones. I also liked how Leslie’s final showdown was really about her fear about losing Ann to Michigan. But I’m all about Donna lately (after all, Retta is THE BEST), so once again I liked her plot best. Watching her and Tom glam up Ron’s cabin for sale, and April trying to sell it to hipsters was fantastic. And Ron, all the while, looking horrified. In the end he sold it to April for basically nothing, which was perfect.
Best moment: Regal Meagle Realty!

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