Rabblecast #343 Survivor Series, TNA Returns to Universal, RTF Wrestling

WWE’s Survivor Series PPV is just days away. One of the longest running PPV’s for the WWE, with very little draw to it at this point. The traditional setup for a Survivor Series card put various teams against each other. Strange pairings made for some interesting yet entertaining matches. Now with the constant grind of different PPV’s it would seem that WWE has let this once great PPV event fall to the levels of mediocrity.

TNA is returning to Orlando, Florida and to a “new” version of the Impact Zone. Can this be seen as anything else other than a retreat from their recent foray into road shows? Will TNA be able to stop their current trends of misfortune and turn things around? Everything hinges on their new home on the Universal Studios lot.


We are, The Rabblecast!


On this week’s show:

  • Survivor Series rundown
  • TNA Returning to Orlando, Florida
  • A very “Diva-centric” show
  • Special Guest: Jeff “Cannonball” Guerriero


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