Glory 12 (Joe Schilling vs. Wayne Barrett) – Live Results and Play by Play

The UFC is on a rare off week and as such we here at Inside Fights aren’t going to be taking a break. We’ll have live coverage of the Glory 12 kickboxing card from New York, airing live on Spike TV domestically.


Lightweight Semi-final: Robin van Roosmalen vs. Davit Kiria

Round 1: Kiria the aggressor, landing more with his hands as both guys exchanged a lot of leg kicks. Roosmalen with some nice combinations but Kiria landing the more meaningful strikes. 10-9 Kiria

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is in the crowd, alongside his Money Team.

Round 2: Roosmalen is throwing a lot more to start. Kiria is trying to counter but Roosmalen is being very aggressive and throwing a lot. Kiria turns up the volume towards the end of the round, throwing a jumping spin kick that lands on Roosmalen’s gloves. 10-9 Roosmalen, 19-19

Glory has just tweeted that they’re having technical difficulties right now, as we don’t have announcers.

Round 3: Round 3 starts with Duke Roufus and Mauro Ranallo … and all is right with the world. This is a heck of a pace both guys are pushing right now. Kiria has turned up his pace a bit more in this round. Roosmalen is working the body with his hands and legs; he’s got more pop to his hands right now. Roosmalen with a flying knee as both guys really start throwing as the round ends. 10-9 Roosmalen.

Very close fight … I can see 29-28 either way.

Official decision: 29-28×3 for Roosmalen

Lightweight Semi-final: Giorgio Petrosyan vs. Andy Ristie

Round 1: Ristie comes out looking to keep Petrosyan at distance. Petrosyan is looking to counter and Ristie is being cautious. Ristie is throwing wild and missing as Petrosyan’s movement is spectacular. Petrosyan is slow, unsure of himself so far. He lands some nice combinations but Ristie’s footwork is keeping from getting tagged. 10-9 Ristie

Round 2: Ristie comes out aggressive this round; he’s coming out to make this a brawl and Petrosyan isn’t taking the bait. Petrosyan is starting to turn the pace up a little bit. Nice double jab with a left hook. Ristie lands low and we’ve got a quick break in the action. Another dull round and Petrosyan did just enough to take it. 10-9 Petrosyan, 19-19

Round 3: Ristie out on the attack to start the round. He’s fighting like he’s down two rounds and has nothing to lose. He’s not letting Petrosyan get any room to move and he knocks him down with a left. He can’t answer the ref and Ristie moves on to the finals.

Ristie wins via KO at :43 of the third round

Jon Kirschner of BJ, and occasionally here at Inside Fights, got a quick camera shot of Petrosyan unconscious.

Reserve: Ky Hollenbeck vs. Warren Stevelmans

Round 1: Both guys are throwing a lot of kicks as Hollenbeck is looking for the plumb early. Hollenbeck with a nice flurry, using his size to bully Stevelmans around. He’s looking to muscle his way inside and do damage from there. Stevelmans is looking to stay outside and work the legs. 10-9 Hollenbeck.

Round 2: Stevelmans with a flurry to start and presses him into the corner. Hollenbeck muscles his way out and nearly gets a double leg takedown. Slip from both men and they’re back up. Another trip from Hollenbeck as this is getting a little dirty. Hollenbeck is trying to use his size to bully him around and Stevelmans wants to stay on the outside. He keeps getting inside, trying to dirty it up. Spinning back fist from the American and a wild flurry, ending with a knee, gets him a standing 8 count. 10-8 Hollenbeck, 20-17

Round 3: More of the same to start as Hollenbeck is pressing the pace, using his size to try and bully Stevelmans. Stevelmans with a pair of nice hands that turn the tide momentarily. Jump knee from Hollenbeck and we’re in the clinch. Stevelmans has to start getting aggressive now and he’s not; Hollenbeck is controlling this fight. Kick caught by Stevelmans, who dumps Hollenbeck on his back. Hollenbeck with a swwep of his own as he lands a nice combination, then gets swept by Hollenbeck. 10-9 Hollenbeck, 30-26

Official decision: 30-26×3 for Hollenbeck

Jamal Ben Saddik vs. Ben Edwards

Round 1: Edwards comes out throwing bombs; he’s at a substantial height disadvantage and is throwing to get inside. He needs to get the clinch so that Saddik’s reach advantage isn’t a huge advantage. Huge miss for Edwards, as he falls down after a huge left misses wild. Edwards is throwing but Saddik is looking to hit him with knees as soon as he gets inside. Edwards is doing a good getting inside as Saddik isn’t landing anything massive as Edwards presses. Edwards 10-9

Round 2: Edwards is aggressive to come out the round; Saddik is making him reticent with the knee. Wild exchange from both as they throw wild, nothing of note hitting. Looked pretty, though. Saddik is mainly looking to counter; when Edwards comes in he’s eating more than he did in the first. Edwards is just throwing big; he’s not setting it up and Saddik is able to counter or get out of the way. Edwards with a nice combination to end the round. 10-9 Saddik, 19-19

Round 3: Edwards aggressive again as he’s looking to trap him in the corner, keep him from being able to load up. Saddik is landing more,though, and Edwards is using movement forward but not throwing much. Edwards is throwing wild but he’s not landing much. With a minute left he backs Saddik into the corner as he’s really starting to throw. Saddik is looking to go to the clinch but Edwards is making him pay. He’s really starting to land on him right now. Edwards lands a huge combination. followed by a wild flurry, and SADDIK IS OUT. The ref starts the count and then stops, figuring out that Saddik’s lights are out.

Ben Edwards wins via KO at 2:52 of the third round

Joe Schilling vs. Wayne Barrett

Round 1: Schilling is more active start as both guys aren’t throwing much. First minute is a feeling out process; Schilling looking to find range and work the body, Barrett using movement to figure out his punching distance. Clinch leads to a tackle as both men wind up on the mat. Barrett is really wild so far; Schilling isn’t throwing but he’s waiting to find a spot. Barrett is throwing a lot but not landing; Schilling opts to taunt Barrett with 20 seconds left in “hilarious” fashion. 10-9 Schilling

Round 2: Wild exchange and Barrett lands a nice combination that wobbles Schilling. Barrett with a big right and Schilling goes down 45 seconds into the second. He’s up at 8 but still on rubber legs. Barrett found confidence and he’s going for the kill. Barrett is in survival mode right now as Barrett is going after him. Schilling goes wild with a spinning back fist as Barrett lands a nice combination. Schilling is trying to buy himself time and Barrett is pushing the tempo. Push kick and Barrett trips. Schilling eats some big shots and he goes down again. Round ends on the knockdown, he gets the standing 8 and round ends on it. 10-7 Barrett, 19-17 Barrett

Round 3: schilling comes out looking to use his size some more as he comes out more aggressive this round. He knows he’s down on the cards after being dropped twice. He’s looking for a kill shot right now as Barrett is fighting at distance. Schilling dropped with a massive knee to the face halfway through the round. Standing 8 and Schilling smells blood. Barrett is wobbly and is trying to not get hit. Under a minute and Barrett is trying to make this a clinch fest. He wants to survive, nothing more, as Schilling is going for the kill. Barrett is standing in the pocket but he’s grabbing the clinch as soon as he gets in. He’ll take the body shots instead of anything to the face. 10-8 Schilling, 27-27

Official decision: 28-26×3 for Wade Barrett

Andy Ristie vs. Robin van Roosmalen

Round 1: Ristie more aggressive to start as he’s throwing a lot. Roosmalen is responding in kind but Ristie is throwing in volume and landing significantly more. A lot of it is activity some will confuse for accomplishment but he’s doing something; Roosmalen isn’t doing much besides try not to get hit. Less than 10 seconds left and Ristie with a knockdown, he’s up at 8 as the round ends. Ristie 10-8

Round 2: Both guys come out throwing this round. Roosmalen knows he’s down and is trying to take the next two, if only to force a 4th. Roosmalen loses his mouth piece and we’ve got a quick break. Slip from Ristie at a minute in. Ristie lands a nice shot and Roosmalen slips as well. Wet spot as the ref gets a towel to dry it off. Ristie comes out throwing hard as he’s really putting the pace on him. Left uppercut and Roosmalen goes down. He’s OUT.

Ristie wins via KO at 1:45 of the second round.

Airing on Spike TV:

Joe Schilling vs. Wayne Barrett
Lightweight Semi-final: Giorgio Petrosyan vs. Andy Ristie
Lightweight Semi-final: Robin van Roosmalen vs. Davit Kiria
Lightweight Final
Reserve: Ky Hollenbeck vs. Warren Stevelmans
Jamal Ben Saddik vs. Ben Edwards