Rasslin’ Roundtable – WWE Survivor Series 2013

Welcome to the Rasslin’ Roundtable!  The place where all of the writers here at Inside Pulse send in their thoughts on who will win at the PPV!  This PPV is Survivor Series.  In case you were wondering, the Roundtable Repercussions have not been cancelled, but merely moved to the end of the year.  I will post the results in a post that’ll go up after TLC is finished.  The People Power pick as always is contrived from the majority decided by The Pulse Polls.  Now without any further delays…


Rasslin’ Roundtable

WWE Survivor Series 2013

Kickoff Match

The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston

Penny Sautereau:  The Miz, to cement the heel turn no one noticed or cared about.

Winner:  The Miz

David Spain: If a Miz turns heel and nobody cares about it, will it get acknowledged at the Kick-off match of a PPV? You know what: this time I’ll actually say yes. In a struggle between two guys with no direction, Miz probably has the most reason to get the victory, and maybe WWE will actually see this situation in terms of logic.

Winner: Miz

CB: So The Miz turned heel on Twitter a few weeks back and now he’s officially a heel again on TV too. Not that anyone cares about Miz anymore, hell even when Big Show was crying every week he still enjoyed being told to knock out Miz. This match will be completely forgotten 5 minutes after it ends. Oh, and as for Kofi Kingstom, that ship sailed a long time ago.

Winner: The Miz

Ralph Hardin:  So, Miz just turned heel. Well, technically, he just went back to being a douche that we’re supposed to boo again. He never did much in the way of “face” stuff. Will he keep the figure-four? Does anyone care? I like Miz and all (I even have a Miz T-shirt), but he’s just lost right now. Kofi, who I also like a lot, is equally treading water. I guess whoever wins this could be moved into a feud for one of the secondary titles. Miz vs. Big E or Kofi vs. Ambrose? Worse could happen. The heel turn had to have been for a reason right? Right?

Winner: The Miz

Chris Sanders: Unless WWE does something brilliant with Miz’s new heel turn, I completely nothing this match. However, this heel turn seems to be on a whim (much like his face turn seemed) so I’m not really expecting much. Also, as I’ve stated before, I like Kofi but I’ve given up all hope for him. I’m way more interested in the kickoff panel seeing as how it’s Bret Hart’s first Survivor Series since ’97. Will someone on the panel address the elephant in the room? Who knows.

Winner: Miz?

Justin C:  The Miz just turned heel, Kofi Kingston is still just Kofi Kingston. He takes wins and losses like they are nothing. I don’t know what a heel turn will do for Miz, but it has to work out better than his face run. Miz wins here.

Winner: Miz

Rhett Davis:  This isn’t hard. Kofi winning does nothing, Miz winning gives him a little momentum in his heel push. A ruthless match by Miz is the best route for this.

Winner:  The Miz

People Power:  With 84% of the vote, The Miz wins the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  The Miz – 8

Kofi Kingston – 0


Intercontinental Championship

Big E Langston (c) vs. Curtis Axel


Penny Sautereau:  Biggie retains, IMPerfect goes back to NXT as Enhancement Talent never to sully my TV again on a Monday Night.

Winner:  Biggie

David Spain: I think we can safely say that they are not giving the title back to Perfect Junior right this second now. I predict Langston retains.

Winner: Big E Langston

CB: Big E has been one of my favorite surprises of the year. He’s a big man with some personality, and I like the way he combines his power moves with some agility. Curtis Axel, meanwhile, was nothing with Paul Heyman, and is nothing still.

Winner: Big E Langston

Ralph Hardin:  I was a champion for Joe Hennig for a long time, and when he re-debuted as a Paul Heyman Guy, I thought he’d be feuding with Dolph Ziggler over the World Heavyweight Championship by now in some kind of “You stole my father’s gimmick!” type of blood feud (how wrong I was on both of those ideas, sadly). Bottom line, Curt’s boy just isn’t as good as I want him to be, or at least he hasn’t shown it. Let’s see what Langston can make of his time with the I-C strap, and here’s hoping the title begins to regain some of its prestige. No way they are taking the title off of Big E so soon.

Winner: Big E Langston

Chris Sanders: I’m thinking Big E wins big here, he’s a new face that WWE has been huge on lately so there’s not a chance Axel gets much out of this match. I’m excited to see what WWE decides to do with Big E from here and moving forward because, as I’ve stated time and time again, he’s got almost as much personality as he does muscle (which feels rare). Curtis Axel, on the other hand, has genetics but that’s about it.

Winner: Big E Langston

Justin C:  Two guys heading in opposite directions. Big E appears to be on the rise in the WWE and has some potential. He needs to polish up his in ring work a little bit, but that will come with time. Axel couldn’t even get over with the help of Paul Heyman. The guy just doesn’t have it as a wrestler. He can work, but he just doesn’t bring anything else to the table. Big E wins here.

Winner: Big E Langston

Rhett Davis:  I’ll say Big E Langston wins this matchup by beating Curtis Axel in hopefully a quick matchup.

Winner (and STILL Intercontinental Champion):  Choc Lesnar

People Power:  With 98% of the vote, Big E Langston wins the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  Big E Langston – 8

Curtis Axel – 0


7-on-7 Divas Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match

Natalya, The Funkadactyls, Jojo, Eva Marie, and The Bella Twins vs. AJ Lee, Tamina, Aksana, Rosa Mendes, Summa Rae, Alicia Fox, and Kaitlyn


Penny Sautereau:  Brie somehow survives to the end, sole survivor, despite Nattie still being the better worker, (Though thankfully Brie has improved HUGELY), with at least three left on AJ’s team, and either loses in a valiant “Underdog with no hope” effort, or plays the “My fiance can kill you with his pinky and he’s teaching me everything he knows” route and Brie somehow manages to pull off the “How did she pull that off???” upset victory.

Winner:  Brie Bella and Team

David Spain: I couldn’t say what Kaitlyn is doing on AJ’s team, but that aside this is one of those matches with no intrigue and about the same amount of build. In this scenario, it seems likely that Team Natalya will prevail.

Winner: Team Total Divas

CB: I have renamed this match “The Jeff Heatherly 14-WOMAN Extravaganza” or “NOT A PISS BREAK ON HEATHERLY’S WATCH” or “MALE RIGHTS ACTIVISTS BEWARE” or, well, you get the idea. I’m actually excited to see that Jojo gets a slot in the match, if for no other reason than I actually felt bad that other wastes of space have gotten ring time and not her. My prediction is that all of the Divas — including and perhaps even led by Tamina — turn on AJ Lee and remind her that she has the biggest target on her back / around her waist.

Winners: Jeff Heatherly / Everyone except AJ Lee

Ralph Hardin:  Even with 14 ladies in the ring, I bet this lasts less than 10 minutes. Let’s face it, no one is looking forward to this. If not for the surprise success of Total Divas, this wouldn’t even be on the card. Some of these chicks can actually wrestle, and if they get rid of the dead weight early, this could be quite watchable. My guess, is Natalya eliminating AJ for the win, setting up a title match at TLC.

Winners: Natalya, The Funkadactyls, Jojo, Eva Marie, and The Bella Twins

Chris Sanders: I get it, WWE wants to promote a reality show that’s airing during the PPV and yes, that is a dumb detail but either way, the viewers of either belong to WWE. Still would’ve been nice to also get a Divas Championship match which would’ve helped fill up yet another anemic PPV card. My only wish is for JoJo and Eva to be eliminated fairly quickly. If the Total Divas team wins with all 7 participants still in the match, I give up. I know that sounds absurd but we all know it’s a possibility.

Winner: Total Divas

Justin C:  They need something fun and happy to end this season of Total Divas don’t they? Since the WWE is smart and doesn’t want to put the Divas Title on Natalya or one of the Bellas, this is the next best way to get them a win. The Bellas are the survivors here and maybe we can finally move on from this stuff.

Winners: Total Divas (Brie and Nikki survive)

Rhett Davis:  One team consists of a group that is on a reality show that WWE is heavily endorsing while the other team has AJ Lee.  It’s a tricky situation, but I’ll say that Team Non Total Divas will win when the remaining AJ Lee pins Natalya after Tamina jumps her.

Winners:  Team Non Total Divas (AJ Lee remains)

People Power:  With 80% of the vote, Team Total Divas wins the ‘People Power’ pick. 

The Tally:  Team Total Divas – 7

Team Non Total Divas – 1


5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match

The Usos, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, and Rey Mysterio vs. The Shield and The Real Americans


Penny Sautereau:  The Usos and CoDust are both mid push, and Rey just returned after a long absence. Forgone conclusion. The Faces win here.

Winners:  Usos/CoDust/Rey

David Spain: This again has no real storyline significance, although it should make for a very good match. In the absence of anything continuing on from this, again I predict an extremely hard-won victory from the faces, hopefully with Mysterio and Rollins facing off at some point.

Winner: The MysteriUsos GoldyRhodes

CB: When I say US (pronounced OOS), y’all say O (pronounced O)!!! There is no way Rey Mysterio’s side loses in his big PPV return, unless Sin Cara comes out and botches everything, of course.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and Friends

Ralph Hardin:  This should be a lot of fun. No one in this match is terrible (although I hate Jack Swagger), and I love traditional Survivor Series matches. The interesting thing is that you have four teams and one solo act. This pretty much represents the top teams in the tag division, although with 3MB, the Wyatts, Primetime Players, presumably R-Truth & Xavier Woods, and I guess even Bryan & Punk, this is the healthiest the division has been in a long time. Anyway, I’m hoping it comes down to Rey and Ambrose that leads to a feud for the U.S. title (Yes, I know that seems like a step down for Mysterio, but I think it would actually elevate the title and give Dean a chance to shine).

Winners: The Usos, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, and Rey Mysterio

Chris Sanders: What sense does it make to throw in Real Americans and Rey Mysterio into a feud they were never a part of? None. How come WWE didn’t give us the 6-on-6 match we all wanted? Beats me. I honestly can’t look past this to pick a wnner. I’m sure it’ll be a great match because CoDust has been great, Shield and the Usos have great chemistry, and I love Cesaro (as we all should). I’m excited for 80% of this match. But if I’m forced to pick a winner…

Winner: CoDust, Usos and Mysterio (Mysterio will probably be one of the survivors)

Justin C:  This type of match is why I like these Survivor Series elimination matches. Someone in the match can get a win and look like a star out of it, while the champions don’t really look bad if they take a loss. Roman Reigns, similar to Big E, is seen as a star in the making by people in the WWE. He’s definiely improved while a member of The Shield. A win here as the sole survivor would go a long way in helping him become a star. I don’t care about Rey’s return that much. He doesn’t do anything for me anymore as a wrestler. I see it getting down to the Rhodes Brothers and Rey vs Roman, and Reigns comes out on top.

Winners: The Real Americans and The Shield (Roman Reigns is the Sole Survivor)

Rhett Davis:  Well lets look at the teams.  Team Justice consists of The Real Americans and The Shield.  The Real Americans are only there to help with numbers.  They will probably be the first to go with only a Cesaro Swing on Rey as a contribution.  Team Mask consists of The Usos, CoDust, and Rey Mysterio.  Usos are there also for numbers.  I guess this couldn’t be just a 6 man tag match because they needed a traditional Survivor Series match.  Anyways I figure that Rey’s team will win as this is Rey’s first PPV match back.

Winners:  The MysteriUsos CoDust

People Power:  With 80% of the vote, Rey/Usos/CoDust win the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  Rey Mysterio, The Usos, & CoDust – 7

The Real Americans & The Shield – 1


The Beard and the Best vs. Just the Beards

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family (minus Bray Wyatt)


Penny Sautereau:  I honestly can’t call this one. I’m not always right when I pick a winner, but I AM always at least able to see a credible thread in what the ‘E is doing that even if I pick wrong, you can see how I came to that conclusion. As in “Well they’re going this way with Guy A, and Guy B needs to do Thing C to advance the story, so Guy B wins by cheat”. I might get it wrong, but at least you see how I got there.

Here? I have no clue. They’re pushing the Wyatts to high hell without really having any clear distinct direction for them, and while this story is basically a DE-push for Bryan, he and Punk are both still two top reliable hands, and not so easily dismissed as “Yeah they need to lose here”.

So I’m going to take a pass on guessing who, if anyone wins. But damn if it won’t be hella fun to watch!

Winners:  Who Knows?

David Spain: I doubt that this is going to be over in one simple match, even at a PPV. And whilst it’s certainly possible to keep a storyline going following a face win, it’s far easier in the other direction. I have to imagine that everyone’s favourite rotund cult leader is going to get involved, and that that’s going to give the Wyatt Family the victory.

Winner: The Wyatt Family

CB: In all seriousness, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Erick Rowan and Luke Harper work over the past few weeks. Also, CM Punk has done a great job in his promos selling the mystique of Harper/Rowan, and Bryan has looked great in the ring while making them look like legitimate big men who can crush just about anything they cross paths with.

I think this will be Match of the Night, and not just because of Punk and Bryan’s awesomeness. Rowan and Harper will hold their own, but Bryan and Punk will win this battle.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and CM Punk

Ralph Hardin:  I hope everyone has permission to really cut loose. The Wyatts move pretty well for big guys and they have some nice-looking “clubberin’-style” offense. Punk and Bryan seem to be having fun with this feud, so that helps. I’m sure Bray will get involved. Maybe a third party will come out to balance the scales, though I don’t know who that would be. Bray needs someone to feud with one-on-one, though. Logic dictates that two former world champions would beat two relatively new guys, but I think the Wyatts need a big win to legitimize them as dangerous bad guys, maybe to set up a TLC match with these guys (or a 6-man with the aforementioned mystery face).

Winners: Rowan & Harper

Chris Sanders: The reason this is terrible booking is because Punk and Bryan has had matches against Harper and Rowan all month long on free TV. It doesn’t make sense for people to then be expected to pay to see the exact same. Bray is the main villainous attraction here and that’s what people want to see. Of course this could be the beginning of something bigger and better after SS and could very well include Bray in an actual match but that doesn’t exactly convince people to buy Survivor Series. WWE would have to do a lot to make everyone less excited to see Punk and Bryan team up but congratulations, they seem to have done the trick. The outcome of this match obviously depends on what Bray does and how much he interferes. If he doesn’t, Punk and Bryan should run right through them. I truly don’t see how Bray doesn’t get involved in some way.

Winner: (Due to Bray) The Unimportant Memebers of the Wyatt Family.

Justin C:  This is kind of a toss up to me, but then you have to think about the rest of the year. Would the WWE really transition Punk and/or Bryan to a new feud before the end of the year? I don’t think so. That means there will be a rematch at TLC. A win here would help build the Wyatt Family up in the eyes of the fans, even with interference from Bray. The Wyatts pick up the win here and we get a rematch at TLC.

Winners: Luke Harper and Erik Rowan

Rhett Davis:  This could be really great… or really terrible.  Punk and Bryan are arguably the two best technical wrestlers in the WWE, but Harper and Rowan haven’t shown me hardly anything to prove that they can keep up in the ring.  I think the 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match will be the MOTN, but I think this has the possibility of taking that honor.  I think that The Wyatt Family will win after Bray costs Punk leading to Punk vs. Bray at the next PPV.

Winners:  Hillbilly Jim and Company

People Power:  With 64% of the vote, The Beard and the Best wins the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  The Wyatt Family – 5

The Beard and The Best – 2

Who Knows? – 1


World Heavyweight Championship

John Cena (c) vs. Alberto del Rio


Penny Sautereau:  Cena miraculously wins against all odds, but Del Rio at least gets to torture his arm a bit. Though I can see Sandow coming out to screw-job him and cost him the title. He DID say ending Cena was now his mission. Dare we hope they show some continuity here?

Likely; Cena. Possible; ADR by Sandow-ference.

Winner:  John Cena

David Spain: There might be a challenger who can give Cena a memorable feud coming really soon, but it’s not Alberto. This match is a way to definitively end this little song and dance, and why in God’s name would anyone wish to prolong it?

Winner: John Cena

CB: There’s no way that John Cena loses the Big Gold Belt to Del Rio here, and next month we will get the inevitable blowoff at TLC, perhaps with Damien Sandow thrown in the mix. Maybe they can add Dolph Ziggler too, and just do a Four Way that Cena will also win in December. In the meantime…

Winner: John Cena

Ralph Hardin:  So, will this go on last? I mean, it is Cena. Part of me thinks there’s no way they take the belt off Cena, but I really think Cena’s arm is not fully healed and he needs to take some more time off, maybe coming back at the Royal Rumble. Not that Del Rio is the guy to put the belt back on, though, if that is the case. I really thought they were going to put the belt on Sandow when he cashed in a couple of weeks ago. My gut tells me they won’t switch the belt back, but I could see it if Cena really isn’t 100 percent. As completely disinterested as I am in actually seeing this match, it is the match whose outcome I’m most intrigued about. Del Rio could win the belt and feud with Mysterio again. Cena could retain and drop the title on Raw or Smackdown (to Sandow, maybe?). Eh, I’m torn.

Winner: John Cena

Chris Sanders: Ha

Winner: John Cena

Justin C:  This is your Lock of the Night folks. Del Rio isn’t winning the Title back. Cena retains and moves on to probably Sandow again.

Winner: John Cena

Rhett Davis:  Really?  The Champ retains.

Winner (and STILL World Heavyweight Champion):  John Cena

People Power:  With 98% of the vote, John Cena wins the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  John Cena – 8

Alberto del Rio – 0


WWE Championship

Randy Orton (c) vs. Big Show


Penny Sautereau:  Huh? No no, you’re mistaken Rhett. This match isn’t on the card. We’ve already seen this match a bajillion times. The WWE Title isn’t being defended at Survivor Series. Randy Orton is busy shitting in someone’s bag that day. He can’t make the PPV. Show is busy doing anything except be on my TV that night. I don’t know who told you this match was actually happening but you’ve been misinformed. The PPV ends at 7:30.

*glares at Rhett*

IT ENDS AT 7:30.

Winner:  IT ENDS AT 7:30!

David Spain: So Orton’s getting no help from anyone and is going into the match injured? Sounds like he’s going to retain. Couldn’t say how, but Randy Orton will leave Survivor Series still our WWE Champion.

Winner: Randy Orton

CB: I honestly have no words for this awful main event, except to say that this is your piss break right here.  I expect nothing from this match other than a screwjob finish that sets up Big Show vs. Triple H at TLC, which will be another travesty of a main event, too.

Winner: Randy Orton

Ralph Hardin:  HHH is not Vince, Orton is not Rock, and Show is no Austin. And it’s not 1998. This just isn’t working for me. I wonder if the Authority realizes this and they’re just going with it anyway, or do they really think we care about all of this? They won’t put the belt on Big Show, so the real question is, who do they match Orton up with after this? I’m assuming Corporate Kane will get involved somehow and that will lead to Show/Kane, so Orton needs a new opponent for TLC (please?).

Winner: Randy Orton

Chris Sanders: I’m assuming this will be a Mark Henry-like one-off feud, at least that’s what I’m hoping for. At the very least, something will go down that’ll cause Show to get a rematch at TLC before Randy has a new challenger at Rumble. As for this match, unless there’s some mischief afoot, I don’t see Orton losing here.

Winner: Randy Orton

Justin C:  One thing I can guarantee is that this match doesn’t end clean. Because the WWE doesn’t like to book clean heel wins and because they don’t want to give Big Show a clean defeat. Big Show doesn’t need to be nor should be the WWE Champ at this point in his career. I’ll say Big Show kicks out of an RKO. The ref gets knocked down, Triple H comes out and Pedigrees Show, allowing Orton to retain. I could easily see the Boston crowd turning on this match too.
Winner: Randy Orton

Rhett Davis:  Hmm.. I feel as though this match will end with some tomfoolery.  I’m not sure if this is a No DQ match or not, but Orton retains here.  Hopefully he destroys Big Show, earning both the respect of The Authority and the people as a credible heel.  Orton wins the match after knocking Big Show out with a punt that keeps him gone until the Rumble.

Winner (and STILL WWE Champion):  The Authorized Viper

People Power:  With 83% of the vote, Randy Orton wins the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  Randy Orton – 7

It Ends at 7:30 – 1

Big Show – 0


Well that’s it!  Be sure to check out Inside Pulse tomorrow for live results from the PPV as it happens.  That’s all from me!

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