My Pinterest Is Piledrivers: WWE Why, Wrestling Entertainment? (WWE, Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston)


Hello and welcome again to “My Pinterest Is Piledrivers.”  I am your sickly, tri-monthly try-hard host James Sawyer.  Be sure and follow me on Twitter (@todaysjimsawyer) or be sure and be a hater.  To quote the modern philosopher Michael Mizanin, “haters love me.”

I haven’t done regular columns in a while, and I don’t know how often I’ll do them now.  I still don’t watch regularly, despite living in a place that has cable again.  Yes, that’s right.  The sick kid who’s pretty much confined to his house until 2014 doesn’t even feel the need to regularly watch his once beloved hobby.  I guess the action and excitement is just too much for me.  Or, you know… the opposite.

But I know some of you watch regularly, or at least keep up with things regularly, so I had some questions and thought I’d ask everyone at once and let people answer in the comments.  Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m the idiot and I just don’t understand some of this.  I’m the sick kid, but the “kid” part is stretching it so maybe I’m just confused by all the hot new talent like Big Show and John Cena and cool new tunes by that hot new band Nickelback.

1) Does Nickelback still do the RAW theme?  Someone at Titan Towers must know the fairly widespread consensus of Nickelback, right?

2) How did Dolph Ziggler go from this-

-to this?

Seven months apart, people.  Seven months apart.

(okay, for whatever reason that clip isn’t loading, so in case it doesn’t get fixed, it depicts former two-time World Champ Ziggler losing to now-former IC also-ran Curtis Axel on a Monday Night Raw.)

3) How did the WWE title picture go from this-

-to this?

Is the right guy to lead a rage against the machine really meant to be a 41-year-old veteran who’s been steadily employed by major companies since 1995?

4) Does anyone remember when Big E Langston first made an in-ring appearance, jumping some opponent of Ziggler’s, and executing a move that Michael Cole called a “Drive By?”  To their credit, they changed that name pretty quick, but why is the go-to for black wrestlers almost always something “streets” related?  Even with someone who seems like a person with a pretty good sense of humor like Langston?

5) Why does NXT get El Generico versus guys like Antonio Cesaro and Evan Bourne?  Do they not think that national television watchers would appreciate more quality wrestling?

6) Just what did Zack Ryder do?  I know I mention the guy enough to warrant belief that I’m related to him, but I literally can’t remember a rise and burial so fast and nonsensical.

7) How many authority figures are there now?  Vince?  Stephanie?  Triple H?  Vicki Guerrero?  Teddy Long?  Brad Maddox?  Booker T?  Kane?  The Blue Meanie?  Do they need more than one?

Alright, I should stop as my head is killing me.

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