Random Thoughts: WWE Raw 11.25.13 (The “World” & “WWE” Are The Same Thing Now?)

Raw (Hartford 2013)

<- Quick Note: I’ll be at SmackDown live tomorrow night so be sure to follow me @MattHarrak on Twitter or right here for updates/spoilers, photos and videos throughout the night.

Randy Orton/The Authority Promo

<- Hello 2007 and John Cena vs Randy Orton.

<- I think we all had an inkling that it might be a match involving John Cena if there every would be a World title unification match. But notice that neither Stephanie nor HHH actually said “title unification” match.

Goldust, Cody Rhodes & Rey Mysterio vs The Shield

<- If you had any doubts about Roman Reigns becoming a star, watch Survivor Series. Or just listen to how he’s built up by the announcers tonight.

<- Much better performance by Mysterio tonight compared to last night’s PPV. And we were able to see a little bit of the new Reigns dominance on free TV.

MizTV w/Titus O’Neil & Michael Strahan

<- So is Miz a babyface or a heel? What the hell is his position?

<- That segment was pretty painful but we’ve all sat through a LOT worse!

Damien Sandow WWE App Promo

<- I like the new serious Damien Sandow but he just killed his own gimmick for me. When Josh Mathews asked him what type of match he wanted, Sandow replied “he COULD care less”. I’m literally shaking my head and looking for CM Punk’s “Grammar Slam” to tweet to Sandow.

Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston & Mark Henry vs Curtis Axel & Ryback

<- I feel like Mark Henry thinks that Ahmed Johnson is in his corner tonight.

<- Damn, CM Punk didn’t shoot a “Grammar Slam” for “could” and “couldn’t”!

<- And this match is over. I’m just surprised there isn’t a box labeled “NXT” ringside set for Ryback and Axel.

“Total Divas” vs “True Divas”

<- I was praying to the wrestling gods that we’d great a rematch of this match from last night!


<- JoJo gets a decent pop and holds her own (on the WWE Diva level). Eva Marie tags in and almost gets booed out of the building again. There’s so many closet “Total Diva” fans out there it’s ridiculous.

Street Fight: Dolph Ziggler vs Damien Sandow

<- This match (or these matches) would mean much more if there was any sort of story behind them. There’s no emotional investment at all.

<- Ziggler removes the Islanders jersey to reveal… a Zack Ryder shirt! Yup, they’re still making Zack Ryder shirts!

<- Good brawl between two guys who aren’t typical brawlers. I still think they should have ANY type of story at all and the crowds would be much more into the action.

<- Well that Michael Strahan/Erick Rowen/Lamb Mask segment was… odd. It’ll make the Not Top Ten on Friday though and that’s all Vince cares about these days.

<- Mad Dog Vachon might have been before my time but I will never forget Diesel (aka Kevin Nash) removing Vachon’s prosthetic leg in order to hit Shawn Michaels with it in a no holds barred match. This was RIGHT before the “Attitude Era” and the shock factor was unbelievable.

The GOATTS (Daniel Bryan & CM Punk) vs The Wyatt Family

<- God, that was a fun promo. They might not be in the main event picture right now but Bryan and Punk look like they are having the time of their lives out there as a tag team.

<- And yes, my vote is for “The GOATTS”

<- Tag teams, tag teams everywhere and I love it! I wonder if the Wyatt Family stole Daniel Bryan in order to shave his beard. They can say that they (The Wyatts) don’t want Bryan looking like them anymore so they have to shave him. It actually might be the most logical way to do.

The Miz vs Kofi Kingston

<- Talk about a crowd killer after that tag team match. Long Island has just gone silent for this match.

Xavier Woods vs Heath Slater

<- I just turned around and R-Truth was introducing Xavier Woods. Completely missed the end of the last match.

<- Still not a ton of offense from Woods. I’m looking for him to have a big standout match but there might not be a heel on the main roster that can really hang with him. There’s no doubt that he has the charisma and attitude to become a huge star though.

Big Show & John Cena vs Randy Orton & Alberto Del Rio

<- None of the people in this match are doing a very good job at keeping me awake.

<- This entire night the announcers and performers have been VERY cautious about saying “undisputed” or “unification” but now the announcers are talking about Chris Jericho being the first Undisputed Champion and Brock Lesnar being the final one. Which way are they going with this story?

<- That closing segment and especially the closing image of Randy Orton standing over a fallen John Cena really felt stale to me. Of course people will be excited about a possible World title unification match but does anyone truly believe an undisputed champion will be crowned anywhere but at WrestleMania?

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