10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 11.25.2013 (The Shield, John Cena, CM Punk)

Looks like I chose a good week to travel on a Monday night and catching Raw on DVR. I’ll do my best to not go on any rants about Survivor Series (you’ll have to wait on RAGER for that).

1. I’ve gathered that if a show starts with an Authority promo in some fashion, that is the signal that creative threw in the towel on the entire script. Of all the title unification scenarios everybody has come up with over the past few years, WWE just had to pick the one somebody probably submitted in 2007. Remember when Cena and Orton had a match for the WWE championship and it was dubbed as the last time they would ever wrestle each other? Those were the days.

2. My dad isn’t a wrestling fan, he knows certain names that he watched here and there decades ago so I was surprised when he decided to watch some of Raw with me after I got all my luggage into the house. He didn’t care for the opening promo segment but who can blame him? However, I’m very glad the first match he saw after not watching for decades was one that involved the Shield because they are a special group and don’t show any sign of slowing. And that Goldust guy and Cody aren’t too bad either. I’m still apparently in the minority when it comes to my dislike towards Mysterio but that’s alright, I’ve been the lone wolf plenty of times (Team Chris Masters!). Roman is finding a way to show everybody up as of late and that’s no easy task considering the men usually standing next to him.

3. And WWE wonders why they gave up on the guest host thing. Every segment that featured Strahan was unwatchable and I’d hate to see what the first draft of the script looked like.

4. Once again, does anyone know what’s going on between Ziggler and Sandow? Because they keep being put in these wacky yet extreme matches as if they have a feud going on but I still haven’t seen either cut on a promo on each other. So I’m convinced they’re have a telepathic feud and our minds just hasn’t been upgraded just yet.

5. The Punk/Bryan/Wyatts segment seemed to be the shining star that managed to escape the giant black hole that was this week’s episode of Raw. Their promo was a lot of fun and made me realize that the top card needs them a lot more than they need the top card. The match itself was good and absolutely should’ve been booked at Survivor Series instead of the tag team match but whatever. However, Wyatts kidnapping Daniel Bryan has me worried because last time they abducted someone, that person came back as Citizen Kane. I’m making the assumption that the Wyatts take all of their victims to a leadership training workshop.

6. And now Shield is getting involved in Punk and Bryan? Or at least Punk. Either way, just take my money, WWE. As much as it’ll hurt, I’ll sit through as many poorly booked and badly executed main events if it means more Shield, Wyatts, Punk and Bryan all in a big story together.

7. I’m liking Xavier Woods more and more each week. How could you not? I almost started liking the Funkadactyls tonight just by proximity (almost).

8. I wish I could go back to the days when I had never seen or heard of Miz’s co-star. I’m sure she’s a lovely person but there’s just something about her that gets under my skin. Is it because she’s in a crappy made-for-tv Christmas movie? Or is it because Michael Cole wouldn’t shut up about the movie premiere this week? Probably a bit of both.

9. Dammit, Mick Foley. Now I have to go drain my entire bank account. How do you NOT buy everything this man sells you?

10. Thank you, DVR gods, for allowing me to fast forward through most of the main event. I watched the bits where Big Show was getting tended to for those head shots but then I realized that Cena was just going to win regardless and kept skipping through. And yes, I know with all the wrestling I cover for Pulse and Classy Ring Attire, I probably shouldn’t skip through main events like that but I dare any of you to tell me a single thing I would benefit from watching that match.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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