10 Thoughts On… Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Episode 10 Review

1. While Ciera will get a lot of flack for voting her mother off, it was certainly the only strategic move she could make. The biggest mistake that Laura and Ciera made was not aligning with Aras, Vytas, Tina and Katie to form an unstoppable familial alliance after the merge. Ultimately, that is the sole reason why Laura was sent to Redemption Island for a second time. With that being said, Ciera should be credited for realizing that in a season that was built around the premise of Favorites playing with Loved Ones, having a Loved One still in the game actually hindered individual progress.

2. Isn’t it crazy that Laura has been voted off twice and is still in the game?

3. I was stunned that Tina beat Aras in the Redemption Island challenge. While many love her game in the season that she won, I actually believe she is playing a much stronger game this time around. While she might be on Redemption Island, she is giving us a clinic on how to play the game and it’s even more incredible considering that she first played the game back in 2001.

4. The best player currently still in the game is Hayden Moss. He was not afforded the numerical advantage heading into the twist and has still managed to survive every tribal council without anyone even remotely considering him as a threat. I am in awe of his social game.

5. The preview indicated that Tyson will be targeted this week. If you have been watching Survivor for as long as I have, you know that this is an obvious misdirection or blatant red herring attempt. I am quite sure that this means Tyson will win individual immunity in tonight’s episode. Time will tell if I am right.

6. While I am used to seeing players hidden on the show to cover how well they do (with the most notable example being Natalie Bolton on Survivor Micronesia, I can’t remember seeing the edit that Caleb is getting on any other season of the show. He went from being the swing vote on his original tribe to being a complete non-factor after the merge. It’s very peculiar and I wonder why his portrayal has changed so much.

7. I don’t understand why Monica keeps winning these solo immunity challenges. She either believes she is in trouble and needs to win (more likely), or doesn’t realize that winning all the time puts an even bigger target on herself. Her decision to sacrifice her reward and offer it up to the rest of her tribe will not improve her standing with the tribe.

8. It’s too bad Colton left. This season sorely needs a villain as it just seems like a Kumbaya atmosphere at camp.

9. The winner has to be either Tyson, Gervase or Hayden based on the way that they are playing and, more importantly, based upon the edits that they are receiving.

10. I don’t think Tyson or Katie will go home tonight.

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