Quick Hits: WWE Total Divas – Episode 11

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SEASON RECAP: Nikki struggles with signing a contract to live with John Cena. Brie feels abandoned by new main-eventer, Daniel Bryan and that’s all we’re shown for this episode.

– I still don’t understand how either woman feels blindsided by their circumstances. Brie has seen how much Cena is away from Nikki so why would she be surprised when Bryan essentially takes over Cena’s spot as the main event? And John Cena is a f’n millionaire. He needs to cover his ass and that’s exactly what he’s doing with this agreement. Suck it up and look past your own ego.

– REALLY too much information from Ariane and Vinny. Keep your “wiener” talk off the air please.

– Almost any of the Divas talking about their sex life would at least be interesting. Not Ariane.

– As a father of two, I actually find this exam of Ariane less painful than she does. That’s wrong.


– Johnny Curtis seems like a perfectly normal, likeable guy and is constantly thrust into these awkward situations.

– The woman who dances like a hooch every week in very little clothing doesn’t like sex at all? Riiiiiight……

– Why the hell is the sex therapist yelling at her patients? Um, that would be my cue to leave.

– Nikki doesn’t want to bring up this very important topic because it might hurt them now. You know, instead of in the future when one of them kills the other one.

– Nattie is JUST NOW realizing that she overreacted. I will never understand women like that and thank God my wife is the complete opposite.

– I am extremely disturbed by the idea of Vinny buying all of those sex toys…

–  Holy crap, Nikki is the one actually talking sense into Brie. I have no idea how that’s possible but it definitely just happened.

– “He’s doing this for what WE want. For the house that WE want. For the family WE want.” – Brie Bella. Wonder if Bryan has any say in those choices.

– I knew that John Cena paid for all of those things and supported all of those people. How the hell did his own girlfriend not realize this? Maybe they are moving a bit too fast.

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