WINNER ANNOUNCED! – Match Of The Month: October 2013

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The results are in and here is your October Match Of The Month winner:


WINNER - Goldust & Cody Rhodes Vs The Shield - Battleground 2013


Looking back on the last month, it’s pretty obvious how disappointing the main event program turned out to be. But this story, a mid-card story featuring a mid-level star, a long retired legend and a golden man past his prime, made us all believe and become emotionally invested. That’s a particularly hard accomplishment in this era of wrestling. And this was just the jumping off match that lead to a lot of interesting pairs for the new duo of Cody Rhodes and Goldust. Watch their full match with The Shield below from WWE Battleground 2013.


Also, there have only been two nominations for November’s Match Of The Month! I’m leaving this post and comment section open for a few days so people can nominate the matches they feel should get a spot in the poll.





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