Forever Evil ARGUS #2 Spoilers: Where Is Dr. Light & What Secret New ARGUS Room Is The Key To Finding Wonder Woman? (DC Comics In Review)

Coming off of last issue’s Forever Evil ARGUS #1 (spoilers here), readers were left wondering why DC Comics would spoil the identity of Dr. Light in the cliffhanger caption teasing issue #2 instead of any in-panel reveal. That question isn’t answered this month, but Forever Evil ARGUS #2 does include some important information that may turn the tide of Forever Evil.

Spoilers follow.

I found it interesting that the free preview to Forever Evil ARGUS #2 contains the only sighting of Dr. Light in the issue.

I was shocked that this was it considering last issue’s tease with Dr. Light being central to it.

However, the more interesting moments in the issue are the revelation of a new bunker in ARGUS that may hold the key to finding Wonder Woman.

I am intrigued that there is a Wonder Room at ARGUS. Could that mean there might be a Super Room and a Bat Room as well? From what is in the Wonder Room, it would appear such rooms contain countermeasures against key DC Comics New 52 heroes even if those countermeasures are living beings. That would make the Wonder Room a weapons cache and a prison.

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