The Voice – Top Six Perform

nbc_the_voiceWell guys, I was pretty bummed to see Caroline go last week. I thought she was really special, and the show wasn’t the same without her this week. Everyone performed two songs this week, and only four performers will move on to next week. That’s tough, because it’s a really talented group.

With the loss of Caroline, it’s also interesting to note how many singers each coach has left. Cee Lo now has ZERO performers in the top six. Adam has three, Christina two, Blake one. That’s pretty unbalanced.

Team Blake
Cole singing “Rich Girl” and “Better Man”

I was glad Cole did “Rich Girl” because it’s not a country song. And he did a good job, but I thought it was a forgettable performance. I preferred the song Cole himself chose, “Better Man”. It was beautiful and heartfelt and reminded me of what I love about Cole.

Team Adam
Tessanne singing “Redemption Song” and “Unconditionally”

“Redemption Song” for Tessanne was a brilliant and well-timed move. She performed it beautifully, and it’s one of those songs that people own more than one version of – I can see this getting a lot of downloads. I didn’t love Tessanne’s personal song choice, because like the coaches noted Katy Perry’s songs are usually hard to cover. Tessanne wasn’t bad, I just think she has sounded better on other pop songs. (Like Kelly Clarkson ones.)

Team Christina
Matthew singing “Story of My Life” and “When a Man Loves a Woman”

I didn’t care for Matthew’s first performance. I didn’t know the song, and Matthew’s not great when he sings in his lower register. It was definitely one of his weakest performances. Christina’s choice of “When a Man Loves a Woman” was much better, I knew it would be a better performance before he even hit the stage. It was good, but I think Matthew is starting to plateau.

Team Adam
Will singing “A Change is Gonna Come” and “Hey Brother”

It’s crazy that Will was saved twice on this show, and could potentially win it. He’s had a bunch of great performances this season, and “A Change is Gonna Come” was certainly among them. “Hey Brother” was a little weaker, especially compared to Will’s past performances. It was OK, just not amazing.

Team Adam
James singing “Fell In Love With a Girl” and “I’d Do Anything For Love”

I’m not the biggest  James fan, but I really did just find his first performance pretty bland. Then, he second song was a Meatloaf song. I hate Meatloaf. James was very, very good. I just don’t care for him.

Team Christina
Jacquie singing “Cry Baby” and “The Voice Within”

Jacquie has really grown a lot during this competition, and you can see the huge effect Christina has had on her as a coach. “Cry Baby” was great, so bluesy and powerful. Her style definitely isn’t for everyone, but it’s my jam. “The Voice Within” was one of my favorite Christina songs when that album came out, but I actually don’t think it was the best Xtina song for Jacquie. I wish she’d done “Beautiful” or “I Turn To You” instead. Still, I love Jacquie.


  1. Jacquie
  2. Tessanne
  3. Will
  4. James
  5. Cole
  6. Matthew

It’s hard to even do rankings at this point. I don’t think Matthew is the worst at all, but I didn’t think he was great this week. I do think he and Cole probably should and will be eliminated. I put James at #4 because he’s technically very good, but I enjoy him the least. So… I dunno guys, just gimma a Will vs. Jacquie vs. Tessanne final three right now.