Quick Hits: WWE Total Divas – Episode 12 (w/MJH)

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SEASON RECAP: John & Nikki are rehabbing together. Brie is out on her own. Ariane wants to be a rapper and Vinny wants to be a wrestler…

<- Oh dear God, Ariane is rapping now. Because singing careers have always worked out for past Divas.

<- AND now she wants Vinny to have a “pre-audition” for NXT… Please no.

<- John Cena has two hampers. Absolutely OCD. No wonder he’s so successful.

<- HA! Vinny gets Bill DeMott on the first day. He’s done and I love that E! set this up just for Total Divas.

<- I absolutely love it when outsiders get a look at what real WWE training is like. There’s a reason men and women train for years before even getting a shot at the WWE.

<- I like how Eva Marie thinks getting an action figure means “she’s arrived” when I’ve seen action figures put out even after that superstar has been released.

<- OK, Cena does need to start drinking or get on some serious medication because that OCD is completely out of control.

<- The shot of a few candles, some flowers and TWO empty picture frames was priceless. And yet it worked.

<- So not much behind the (wrestling) scenes this episode. Skip it if you’re a wrestling fan although it was interesting to see this different side of John Cena’s personality.

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