Rabblecast #344 The Leftovers Episode: WWE, TNA, ROH, DGUSA, and More!

In this special episode of The Rabblecast, Erik Hernandez takes the reigns to deliver your recent Pro Wrestling news and rumors.

WWE is looking to refocus their resources toward launching the WWE Network in the early part of 2014. Do they have the key elements in place to make this happen?

TNA continues to push forward after their return to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. With the demise of Ace’s & 8’s and the continued “heel” turn of, Dixie Carter, is TNA finally on the right track to turning themselves around? This might be a new beginning for a company that has struggled to find itself in recent years.


We are, The Rabblecast!



On this week’s show:

  • WWE’s “Unification Situation”
  • TNA begins to find itself again in Florida
  • Davey Richards done with Ring of Honor
  • Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall in trouble


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