Today’s Latest Rumor/Non-Rumor – Carlos Condit vs. Matt Brown is off for UFC on Fox 9 Due To Brown Injury

As always, a Tweet from “internet MMA personality” Front Row Brian has caused some stirring and shenanigans. The self proclaimed “trouble maker” opted to tweet out something that caused a stir. Carlos Condit vs. Matt Brown, scheduled to take place on the main card of UFC on Fox 9, was about to be cancelled because of an injury to Brown.

Condit’s publicist, on the other hand, is declaring the fight is still on.

What’s the truth? We don’t know. No word from the UFC or either camp directly so far … thus at this point we have to just call it a rumor and nothing more. Fox Sports MMA writer Mike Chiapetta is usually the best tuned of the major MMA writers and he thinks something could be up. We’ll have news as it breaks.

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