Quick Hits: WWE Total Divas – Episode 13


SEASON RECAP: Brie Bella gets ready for her title shot at Night of Champions. Nattie fights for her cat. And Nikki Bella tries to prove she still wants to be in the ring.


<- John Cena might laugh at the weight Daniel Bryan is lifting but damn, it’s impressive.

<- Nikki Bella  is ok being on the sidelines now? She’s done a complete 180 from when she first got injured.

<- I can completely understand being that attached to animal, I’m just surprised they (TJ & Nattie) allowed E! to film it.

<- Ouch. I would not be able to get that type news from the vet at work, especially at a job like the WWE. You’d get ribbed for burping weird, imagine if you were seen crying.

<- I remember this match from Raw. I remember the botches galore.

<- First match back and it has to be against the green Bo Dallas? That’s a tall order in itself.

<- As a 2 cat owner, the Gizmo storyline is brutal.

<- Bella Brawl at the Divas lunch!

<- Woah, Jon (one of the Usos) who KNOWS how hard it is in this business and to get any type of push is next to impossible went behind his fiancée’s back to WWE Creative to kill a storyline? That’s just wrong.

<- Trinity is right. They’re overhyped “actors” and he just cost A LOT of people some good money. Better watch out for Brodus and Tensai.

<- Hey! I remember this match too! It was a little better…

<- Oh yea! That was the match with incredibly bad crossbody block and the “first-ever” double Sharpshooter.

<- Brie just outed Nikki (no surprise) and HER MOM in the boob job department. That probably didn’t fly too well.

<- Now THAT was a damn quick replacement of Gizmo with a kitten that looks exactly like their cat that just passed away. I know that’s not the way I’d approach that situation.

<- A lot of backstage WWE politics this episode. Definitely give it a watch!

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