Justice League 3000 #1 Spoilers: Who Are The Justice League Of the 31rst Century? The JL3K Secret Revealed! (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

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With the cancellation of Legion of Super-Heroes, fans of the DC Comics New 52 have wondered not only what place the LOSH has in DC’s 31rst Century, but where does the new Justice League 3000 team fit in. Well Justice League 3000 #1 answered one of those questions.

Spoilers follow.

As we start learning about who and/or what the Justice League 3000 are, we also learn that their white-haired benefactors – Terry and Terri – are known mockingly as the “Wonder Twins”. Looks like the DC Comics New 52 is repurposing the “team name” of members of the 1970’s animated TV series the Super Friends that featured the Justice League of America. In that continuity, the Wonder Twins were an alien brother Zan and sister Jayna who can transform into any form of water and any form of animal respectively. They were billed as from the planet Exxor and had a space monkey as a pet named Gleek.

So, what or who exactly are the Justice League 3000’s Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Flash?

They are genetic matches for the original Justice League. So, clones then it appears. Although, something went wrong as their personalities don’t seem recognizable and in the 31rst its Superman vs. Batman not Superman and Batman. I miss the Legion of Super-Heroes, but I am intrigued about the 31rst century’s newest heroes.

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