Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With Arrow‘s Katie Cassidy



The sophomore season of CTV’s Arrow is proving to be even better than its first incarnation as Stephen Amell and company have had the ability to infuse even more layers to the already complicated characters that they portray on the program.

At the forefront of the show, is Laurel Lance, played perfectly by Katie Cassidy. Lance initially started out as a defense attorney, but after the death of her boyfriend the first season’s finale episode, her perspective has undergone a massive shift prompted by her decision to switch sides and become a district attorney in the early part of this season.

Cassidy has a knack for making every role seem like it was written specifically for her. She was the driving force behind the cancelled-way-before-it-should have-been Melrose Place and was prominently featured on Gossip Girl as well. I initially spoke to her prior to Arrow‘s series premiere last year and recently had the chance to catch up with her again.

At the CTV Upfront in June, I sat down with Katie to discuss a variety of topics including the budding love triangle brewing between Oliver/Laurel/Felicity. We also talked about the various faces of Laurel as she can go from gun-toting badass to vulnerable victim at the drop of a dime and we chatted about Tommy’s death on the finale and if it came as a surprise to his co-stars on-set. Katie also previewed a couple of movies that she stars in, including The Scribbler where she plays a character with multiple-personality disorder.

Check out the video above!

The mid-season finale of Arrow airs tonight at 8 p.m. on CTV and The CW

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