Justice League #25 Spoilers: Nightwing Takes Center Stage, But What Does That Mean For Earth 3’s Crime Syndicate In Forever Evil #4? Plus Variant Covers! (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

Justice League #25 hit stands this week and, as its core cover reveals, Nightwing takes center stage after having his secret identity outed in Forever Evil #1.

Spoilers follow.

The book opens with an Earth 3 flashback to the Crime Syndicate’s Owlman’s origins teased in the Justice League #25 variant cover.

Check out the four covers, including variant covers, below.

In the issue in the present day DC universe, Owlman seems to be making his play for Earth by attempting to recruit his prisoner, the DC New 52 Earth’s Dick Grayson / Nightwing.

And… it looks like Dick Grayson accepts? Wha… Does Dick Grayson / Nightwing have a plan up his sleeves?

Is this a ploy for Owlman to actually outsmart his teammate Utraman with the New 52 Earth being the spoils of a Crime Syndicate Civil War? How does a non-powered hero like Nightwing help that cause? And, where does Superwoman play in? She is seen at the end of the issue and she’s Ultraman’s wife, but also Owlman’s lover presumably carrying his child.

Or is all one Crime Syndicate ruse to manipulate Nightwing for another purpose?

This issue leads into Forever Evil #4. I assume we’ll know more then.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome. 🙂

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