Will GSP Walk Away From MMA? Live Coverage Of UFC Conference Call with Georges St. Pierre & Dana White

Georges St. Pierre and Dana White are going to be discussing GSP’s future, apparently, on a media conference call. The two, along with Lorenzo Fertitta, spoke on Thursday afternoon in a private call that apparently went well. As soon as the conference call with the media starts we’ll be there, live, to tell you what’s happening.

You can listen live with us as MMA Junkie and MMA Fighting will be broadcasting it live as well. far … the most we know is from Ariel Helwani’s Twitter feed.


Apparently the story leaked to French-Canadian ESPN that GSP is surrendering the title and walking away from MMA for a while. Good for him but Jonathan Snowden of Bleacher Report pointed out something i thought of as well:


So it’s on hold music as every prominent member of the MMA media is logged into this call.

The call has officially started and we’re being welcomed.

GSP is making his opening statement. He’s vacating his title for the sake of his division and taking time off.

“I’ve been fighting for a long time. I decided I need to take time off. Indefinitely.”

He may return, one day, but needs an indefinite break right now.

Per Ariel Helwani’s translation, as GSP speaks in French for a bit: ” he hasn’t had a normal life and it’s time to start living a normal life.”

“The situation that I’m at is a lot of pressure. Every fight you add weight on your shoulder. I can’t go for another training camp now.”

GSP states if he decides to come back he’ll be the challenger for the title. He feels 100% but wants a normal ife right now.

And then GSP drops the call, apparently.

Dana White’s turn to chat: “You have to be 100% mental, physical, emotional. If you’re not you should get out. I think it’s the right move.”

GSP is back. He’ll still be training and teaching at Tri-Star … he just wants to live normally and not be a fighter anymore. UFC 167 was the point where he knew he wanted to walk away.

“I knew before UFC 167 I was going to do this. It just built up over time.”

Will he come back?

“I believe one day I will come back. I can’t put myself through another training camp right now. I don’t want to make anybody wait.”

GSP talks about the pressure. Before every fight he would be bombarded and it’s too much for him.

GSP seems kind of happy right now. It’s odd. He has issues in his personal life and he’s not discussing them on this call, apparently. And he’ll discuss his comeback with Dana and Lorenzo when he’s ready to return.

“My life is a freakin’ zoo right now and I need to go take a break.”

Dana’s turn. The welterweight title is up for grabs as Robbie Lawler and Johny Hendricks thrown down March 15th in Dallas. That’s the same card as Jones/Glover … now officially the most stacked card of 2014. Carlos Condit apparently will be on that card, as well. Won’t be against Matt Brown and announcement will be coming soon.

Dana discusses GSP’s personal problems … all independent of fighting. Wants a layoff. Dana very gracious during all of this in discussing the now former champion. Life will go on and was asked same questions when Chuck Liddell left MMA, as well.

Hendricks and Lawler were both excited when they found about the fight. Condit’s fight should be announced by the post fight presser tomorrow. And it’s over.

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