Rabblecast #345 WWE Slammy Awards, TNA “For Sale” Rumors

WWE’s Slammy Awards! They happen once a year and they give the fans a chance to have their voices heard as they vote for the different categories. “Superstar of the Year”, “Diva of the Year”, “Match of the Year”. But recently, they have opened up the voting categories to include, “LOL Moment of the Year”, “Double-Cross of the Year”, among others. Are the Slammy Awards that important to the WWE product that they air them on RAW? Especially when they should be hyping up the “Title Unification match” at the upcoming TLC PPV? Has WWE become a full blown variety show?

Not much to report on the TNA front this week as they continue to re-build themselves in the new “Impact Zone”. The “TNA for sale” rumors persist, but nothing has changed since the, Billy Corgan rumor. Dixie Carter vs AJ Styles continues to be the main drive of the show and we are looking forward to see what TNA can do with that and the many other storylines. Can TNA still make themselves a vialble competitor to the WWE? Time will tell.


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On this week’s show:

  • WWE, the best variety show around
  • TNA continues to “rebuild”
  • Ring of Honor updates!
  • Early Wrestlemania updates


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