ShoBox Presents – Adrien Broner vs. Marcos Maidana Live Round By Round Play by Play, Live Results

The UFC on Fox isn’t the only big combat sports happening this weekend. Adrien Broner will face a stiff challenge in Marcos Maidana on Showtime and we’ll be here, round by round, to discuss what’s happening. Bookmark this now and we’ll have the results, round by round, of what promises to be a tremendous fight.

And we are live as Broner is making his way to the ring.

Round 1: Broner comes out looking to counter as Maidana is controlling the center of the ring. He lands some big shots on Broner as Broner goes to the clinch. Maidana is going after him and we get a ref break. Maidana isn’t looking for the feel out right now. Broner is patient and is playing defense, looking to not get hit by some big shots Maidana is throwing. Maidana is looking to trap him against the ropes and lan as Broner is looking to get out by any means necessary. Maidana traps him in the red corner and lands some shots but Broner walks through them. He’s trying to use movement to get away but Maidana is sticking close to him. Maidana with a nice right as Broner looks a little shell shocked so far. He’s looking for the shoulder roll but Maidana is relentless with the pressure. Broner is throwing out the counter and Broner reverses position, then does an obscene gesture while Maidana’s back is turned. As always, Broner is keeping it classy.

Score: 10-9 Maidana

Round 2: Maidana is less aggressive as he comes out and then lands a huge right and BRONER GOES DOWN. HE’S SHAKEN UP AND IS ON RUBBERY LEGS. Eight count and we’re back. Maidana smells blood and is going after him. He presses him against the ropes and lands some big shots. Maidana is teeing off on “The Problem” right now. He’s landing some big shots as Broner does not know what to do. Maidana is pressing him as Broner is just trying to get out of this round. He’s moving away as soon as Maidana lands anything. He’s landed some nice shots but Maidana is tapping him regularly. Maidana gets Broner against the ropes again and Maidana is lighting him up. Broner complains to the ref, who isn’t going to do anything, as he eats a lot of punishment. Maidana working the body as the round ends.

Score: 10-8 Maidana, 20-17 Maidana

Round 3: Broner is dancing on his feet right now and Maidana is pressing him again. He’s found what’s working and isn’t going to deviate. Broner is more active to start the round as Broner is flashing the jab to keep him away. Maidana is eating them to land something bigger, though, as Maidana’s power is something Broner is struggling with. Broner is starting to show the shoulder roll some more but Maidana is more active and landing more. Broner is starting to get more active as he’s starting to figure out Maidana’s patterns. He’s looking better so far, at least, but Maidana is in control. He’s starting to lose command of the fight, though, as Broneris starting to dictate the pace more. Maidana is landing some hard shots, though, and we get a warning as Broner looks like he’s going to throw an elbow. Broner lands a hook to end the round/

Score: 10-9 Maidana, 30-26 Maidana

Round 4: Maidana is aggressive but Broner is starting to throw much more now. He’s not looking to counter as much but he’s not quite ready to get into a brawling war, either. He’s looking to pick his spots as he doesn’t want to engage in power shot vs. power shot but he isn’t fast enough to win the counter war. Maidana is landing but Broner is keeping a better pace with him this round. Maidana with a nice combination as Broner is starting to land cleaner now. He’s got to avoid trying to play it like Floyd and lay it out. HIs chance at salvaging some rounds now is to get aggressive and use his speed, which he’s starting to do.

Score: 10-9 Maidana, 40-35

Closer round, as I can see it going to Broner, but Maidana is landing more and better still.

Round 5: Maidana comes out more aggressive and Broner is starting to find his groove now. Maidana is still dictating the pace but Broner is starting to land more and land better. Broner gets warned again for pushing off and this is an odd Broner right now. He’s fighting better but he’s clearly a little rattled from the first two rounds. Maidana is looking to throw power shots and Broner is starting to dodge a bit more effectively. He’s not eating as much punishment and landing better. He lands a nice hook on the counter as Broner’s getting a little dirty. Yet another warning for pushing on Broner and I’m shocked he hasn’t had a point taken away.

Score: 10-9 Broner, 49-45

Round 6: Broner’s getting a bit pushy as Maidana comes inside, Broner is starting to land some nicer shots right now but Maidana is answering him in kind. This is a good experience building fight for Broner right now; Maidana isn’t giving him an inch and forcing him to fight uncomfortably. Maidana isn’t worried about Broner’s power right now as he’s willing to walk through some shots to throw combinations. He isn’t disdainful of his power … he’s just fighting like he’s taken worse than anything Broner has to give. He’s working the body more as well; he wants to slow Broner down a bit and knock some gas out of him. Broner is giving him a bit more of a fit when it comes to clean shots; he’s doing a better job at defense.

Score: 10-9 Maidana, 59-54

Round 7: Maidana comes out throwing hard and Broner eats a big combination. Maidana is looking to throw the left hook after a right as he’s finding success with it. Broner is starting to look significantly better. This is the Broner that’s been hyped about coming into the fight. Maidana is eating a ton of punishment though. Maidana is making him eat shots, though, even as Broner start to take over the fight. Maidana is starting to miss on the big shots as Broner’s head movement is making him miss. He may have emptied his gas tank in the first four, going for the finish.

Score: Broner 10-9 Broner, 68-64 Maidana

Round 8: Maidana so far has outlanded Broner profoundly according to Compubox, apparently. Broner is starting to turn it on, though, as he’s starting to really throw in volume. Maidana is landing but doesn’t have the power he had early. Broner is landing some shots and then Maidana PUTS HIM TO THE CANVAS WITH A LEFT. Standing eight and Maidana has some power. Headbutt from Maidana and Broner falls down, milking it. He should win an Oscar for that. Maidana loses a point for that as Broner is recovering. He’s so over the top it’s just silly. Like a five year old trying to be dramatic. Fight is restarted and Broner is eating some shots right now. Maidana has some more snap in his punches right now. That break might’ve been beneficial for him as Broner miscalculated his shenanigans.

Score: Maidana 9-8, 77-72

Round 9: Maidana comes out and he has some fire on him. He’s landing some big shots on Broner, who’s struggling to keep up. He gets the tie up, and the break, and a big left hook wobbles Borner. Maidana is throwing some BOMBS right now and Broner is in survival mode. Maidana is in kill mode right now and is landing some big shots on Broner. Broner is taking a beating and it’s not even halfway through.

Broner is not throwing in response as Maidana is just landing on him. I’m not sure Broner knows where he is right now. Maidana is in control and is looking to set up that left hook again. He’s not being reckless but he’s using that left hook en masse. Broner has NO RESPONSE to it. He’s just eating it no matter what strategy he does.

Score: 10-9 Maidana, 87-80

Round 10: This is where whatever Broner has left in him has to come out. If he wants to be Floyd he’s going to have to pull off a big rally because Maidana has a swagger to him right now. He’s also confident in that left hook, which he’s setting up in a lot of ways. Broner is eating a lot of punishment, as well. Broner comes on during the second round as he’s countering everything but that left hook more effectively. Maidana is going overhand with both the right and left now as he’s landing it fairly solidly on Broner. Broner is opening up more as Maidana is landing a lot more, and a lot better, than Broner. The crowd is behind Maidana as Broner lands a couple solid shots to end the round.

Score: 10-9 Maidana, 97-89

Round 11: Broner comes out more aggressive this round as Paulie Malignaggi is a hoot to listen to right now. He’s genuinely enjoying watching Broner take a beating and I wish we could see the look on his face right now. Broner is trying to work a clinch game more and land on the exit as he’s still baffled at what to do. He’s waiting for Maidana to stop hitting him to do something and it’s not working. He comes out more aggressive a minute in but he seems reticent to get into a firefight with Maidana for obvious reasons. Maidana gets behind Broner and does the same obscene gesture. Maidana is pumped by the crowd as the two throw DOWN against the ropes. Broner is starting to throw in volume more as Maidana’s left hook is landing nearly at will. Maidana goes through the ropes and Broner hits him there, classy as always. Maidana with a nice body flurry as the round ends. Broner cheap shots him after the bell, doesn’t get warned for it.

Score: 10-9 Maidana, 107-98

Round 12: Maidana comes out with a swagger and Broner looks a bit desperate. We get a break early as Broner has some equipment problems. Broner comes out throwing hard as he knows he’s losing. Maidana is landing some big shots but Broner is in command right now. Broner is coming out with some desperation right now; it’s interesting to see him robbed of the cockiness and fighting like a man who’s losing and looking for a finish. Maidana is playing cautious right now and Broner gets warned AGAIN. No point taken, though. Maidana is engaging but he’s not getting into a firefight. He’s doing enough to keep the round close but isn’t pressing for the final close out win. Broner is pushing a hard pace and eats a big combination against the ropes. Maidana with a great combination in the final 30 seconds. Final 10 seconds as both guys are throwing hard.

Score: Broner 10-9, 116-108

Official decision is coming up shortly.

Official decision: Marcos Maidana via unanimous decision (115-110, 116-109, 117-109)

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