Random Thoughts: WWE Raw 12.16.13 (Orton Is Crowned & Faces Daniel Bryan)

Raw in Hartford 2013 (9)

A “Champion’s Coronation”

<- I wonder what they’re going to do the next time an episode of Raw ISN’T historic…

<- When was the last time one babyface (John Cena) pushed so hard to get another babyface (Daniel Bryan) over? Last week it appeared like pandering to Bryan’s hometown crowd to get a cheap pop but between SummerSlam and these recent promos, Cena truly appears to want to give Bryan a “rub”.

The Rhodes Brothers vs The Big Show & Rey Mysterio

<- Nice rematch between two teams that stole part of last night’s show. Goldust’s performance in particular was amazing at TLC.

<- 2 former World Champions & the Tag Champs in the ring and the announcers are taking “selfies”…? Who the hell made that call?!

<- Has the Big Show EVER been successful jumping off the ropes?

<- Another damn good match between two good teams. I’m looking forward to their matches in the future.

Bad News Barrett/The Authority-Randy Orton Segment

<- Bad News Barrett gives me a bad feeling in my gut. And that’s usually before he talks.

<- So I guess their going with the name “WWE World Heavyweight Championship”. Clean, no “undisputed” or “unified” crap. I just hope they move to one belt soon.

Fandango vs Dolph Ziggler

<- Quick TV match but I like the story they’re telling between these two. I could be a pretty good mid-card feud.

Big E Langston & Mark Henry vs The Real Americans

<- So what’s the over/under on when Henry turns on Big E for the IC title?

<- Cesaro Swing on Mark Henry? Now THAT would be impressive!

<- Dammit! We ALMOST got the Swing!

<- Another strong tag team match on Raw and for once the announcers are right, the tag team division is looking fantastic.

Tons of Funk vs Rybaxel

<- This is the third tag team match tonight and we still have the six man tag match left at least.

<- This one further a budding storyline though and FINALLY we are going to see the monster Brodus Clay we all expected when he debuted.

CM Punk & The Usos vs The Shield

<- Oooooooh shit! Is my DX vs Punk/Bryan match at WrestleMania really going to happen?!

<- The one, simple segment was a highlight of 2013 for me. I’m dying for the tag match but Punk vs HBK would be incredible as well.

<- I accidentally voted for Los Matadores to be CM Punk’s partners. Now I think it would be awesome.

<- The Usos have been OVER for a while, especially with the live crowds. Shocks me they haven’t had a title run yet and now the competition is immensely more intense.

<- The Uso offense is just plain exciting. It’s gotta be in the genes.


<- It doesn’t get much better than that. Great episode of Raw thus far.

The Bella Twins & Natalya vs AJ Lee, Tamina Snuka & Alicia Fox

<- There’s been ONE single’s match this entire show.

<- I’m sorry. I’m not even watching this match and the commentary definitely isn’t helping.

<- Hey, AJ won. Yay.

Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

<- Anyone else think this was going to be a Championship match?

<- I feel like this match should feel much more special than it does. More segments hyping the match throughout Raw probably would have helped.

<- There’s no doubt that Bryan & Orton have great chemistry in the ring.

<- Randy Orton grabbing the bottle of water & bringing it into the ring brought back fond memories of the early heel Rock.

<- This has been a great main event to cap off a great Raw.

<- Fantastic main event that followed a very good PPV last night. The Cena run-in sets up a nice triple threat match at Royal Rumble and if Raw stays this good, it should be a fun build to watch.

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