CB’s Slant: Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton Rightfully Dominates Monday Night Raw 12.16.2013

Check out the below excerpt of the awesome 25-minute Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton main event match from last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw 12/16/13:

CB’s Slant: This one is definitely worth tracking down the full-length version to watch, as it was yet another solid TV main event from Bryan and Orton. They just have a great chemistry together in that ring, unlike Cena and Orton who just never quite click on all cylinders against each other.

I also like the fact that this match was given time to really breathe and simmer and then boil over in the main event slot, and props to WWE for not ruining it with needless interference from The Authority.

Now, can Bryan be booked to win the Royal Rumble already?

I certainly hope that’s the plan, if not a Triple Threat title match of Orton vs. Bryan vs. Cena, of course (though I’d still prefer Mah Boy D-Bry winning the Rumble).

That’s all from me — CB.

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