Murtz On The Scene – The X Factor Performance Finale – Exclusive Interview With Alex & Sierra


Alex & Sierra are the darlings of The X Factor.

The supercouple can do no wrong in the competition and get better and better with every performance.

While their initial cover of “Toxic” was quite memorable, it was believed by many that they would be overshadowed by the glitz and glamour of the other acts that they faced off against every week, but the fact that they consistently chart on iTunes has actually restored the faith of many in reality competition programs, because it appears that America can recognize talent when they see it.

Personally, I believe that it is the simplicity of their performances that have made them so effective. While The X Factor‘s purpose is to find the act with that certain je ne sais quoi appeal, the loving couple have proved that it doesn’t need to be artificial special effects or complicated choreography and that the “it factor” can be just about the voice.

On Wednesday’s finale performance show, Alex & Sierra started the night by taking on Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love,” a song that they had already performed on that weird second X Factor voting glitch do-over show. The song was sweet and melodic but certainly didn’t have the pyrotechnics that Jeff Gutt used in his first performance and I wonder how this will translate with the voting public.

For their celebrity duet performance, the duo was turned into a trio with previous X Factor U.K. winner Leona Lewis to perform the latter’s smash hit “Bleeding Love.” The performance was just as good as I thought it would be and allowed the audience to singalong which was something that was severely missing in the pair’s first performance.

Finally, the pair was asked to do an encore performance of the song that had the biggest impact on their X Factor journey. I honestly believe that this entire round was created simply so that Alex & Sierra could perform “Say Something” again (the song that reached #1 on iTunes and vaulted the couple into becoming the heavy favourites to win). Despite already repeating a performance with their first Sheeran cover, Alex & Sierra sang what everybody wanted them to sing again and if they win The X Factor solely on the success of this one performance, it will still be the most deserved win in reality competition history because this was perfect (just like it was the first time).

I had the chance to catch up with Alex & Sierra immediately after the show and we chatted about my outfit, their success on iTunes, their working relationship with Simon Cowell and if they will kiss on stage on the finale episode. They also gave me their prediction for who will win.

Check out the video above!

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