Murtz On The Scene – The X Factor Performance Finale – Exclusive Interview With Carlito Olivero


Tagged with the ‘underdog’ label right from the start of the competition, Carlito Olivero some managed to claw his way into last night’s The X Factor finale.

A member of Paulina Rubio’s Boys Team, Olivero found himself in the bottom on two separate occasions and managed to sing his way to safety both times, finding his stride just as the competition neared its ultimate culmination.

On Wednesday, the Chicago singer performed three separate songs, starting with his take on “Impossible The song only continued to build on the momentum that Carlito has managed to build over recent weeks and while him winning would still be one of the biggest shockers in reality television history, it certainly is no longer as improbable as it initially seemed.

Olivero then joined Prince Royce for a Latin-infused rendition of “Stand By Me,” which was decent.

He ended the night with an amped-up encore of his best song in the competition, “Maria, Maria” that seemed much more packaged and this only added to his on-stage credibility.

I caught up with Carlito after the show to discuss why he always references himself as a fighter, how he managed to knock Restless Road out of the competition and I asked him for his prediction on who would be named the winner. He also gave me a critique on my outfit.

Check out the video above!

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