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So here it is the rest of our Million Dollar Profile…

The Million Dollar Team: Around 1989 Hulk Hogan’s film “No Holds Barred” debuted. The big thing to come out of “No Holds Barred”, was the film’s main villain, Zeus. Zeus main evented at SummerSlam ’89, and lost a tag match to Hogan and Brutus Beefcake. By Survivor Series’ 89, Ted DiBiase allied with Zeus against Hogan. There The Million Dollar Man captained The Million Dollar Team against Hulk Hogan’s Hulkamaniacs . DiBiase lost to Hogan here to, even with help from Virgil.

The Million Dollar Belt Stolen: Jake the Snake Roberts stole the Million Dollar Belt from DiBiase, for a time. The smart idea here was that Roberts kept the Million Dollar Championship, in the same bag that he kept Damien (Robert’s pet snake) in. Since every heel in the WWE was deathly afraid of snakes, Ted had to hire the Big Bossman to retrieve the MD Championship. Bossman attacked Roberts and brought back the belt, only for Bossman to get pissed at Slick. Slick didn’t split DiBiase’s payment with him, or Bossman thought he was a real cop…I don’t know. Anyway Bossman brought the belt back to Roberts, and made himself a face. This lead to Ted DiBiase VS Jake Roberts for The Million Dollar Title, at WrestleMania. DiBiase retained the belt, and Roberts got even by throwing DiBiase’s money into the audience. I remember how angry Bobby Hennan was about this, a few weeks later. Claiming he was about to help The Million Dollar Man get his money back. Gorilla Monsoon, or Vince McMahon then pointed out that Heenan would’ve been too busy stuffing his own pockets with Million Dollar Man’s money. Heenan claimed “That is a disgusting lie”, I’m paraphrasing that last part, I can’t totally remember.

Dusty Rhodes Feud: This was DiBiase’s best feud, on paper. You had The American Dream; Dusty Rhodes, a blue-collar champ, against The Million Dollar Man. DiBiase paid to have Dusty’s manager, Sapphire to turn on Rhodes. He had attacked Dusty’s son, Dustin, to the point that the young man bled. This feud wasn’t as long as some, but it had two big points in DiBiase’s career. First, Ted debuted The Undertaker as his secret partner at Survivor Series 1990. Undertaker’s manager for the match was DiBiase’s ally and admirer, Brother Love. The second point was the loss of Virgil by the end of the Dusty Rhodes feud.

Sherri: At WrestleMania 7, DiBiase lost his match against Virgil. That night wasn’t all bad for DiBiase, as an opportunistic Sensational Sherry had taken the role of his personal valet. They carried on feuding with both Virgil and Rowdy Roddy Piper. At SummerSlam’ 91, DiBiase , finally lost his Million Dollar Title to Virgil. Piper was a dick about this too. Ted would get back his Million Dollar Championship by Survivor Series, and get to team up with  Ric Flair at that same event. DiBiase also teamed with The Repo Man on many occasions.

Money Inc.: By Spring of 1992 DiBiase and Sherri went their separate ways, while Million Dollar Man was increasingly put with tag partners, like Repo Man, Ric Flair, and his permanent tag partner, I.R.S. I believe WWE was trying to pair him either other privileged talents (Flair and Mr Perfect), or paid off thugs (Repo Man and Slick’s men). They finally chose to put The richest man in wrestling with a renegade IRS agent, in Irwin R. Schyster. Bizarre in that I’ve seen the real IRS destroy many millionaires, but I digress. So gimmick wise Schyster and DiBiase weren’t compatible, but as a team they were very good. Especially at a time when WWE’s tag team division was full of brawling brawny smash-mouth competitors. You had the Nasty Boys, Natural Disasters, Samoans, and LOD, as the Tag Team Champs.

The Tag Team Champions: The LOD were set to take on Jimmy Hart’s Natural Disasters, but at the last-minute Hart signed up Money Inc for the title shot. Money Inc. won the belts and immediately began feuding with the Natural disasters. They would lose the belts to the Disasters in the summer of 1992, and face the Legion of Doom at SummerSlam. Even though they lost to the LOD, Jimmy Hart had signed them for the tag title shot against the Natural Disasters, over Hart’s other tag team, The Nasty Boys. This caused the Nasty Boys to turn face and join with the Natural Disasters against Money Inc. at the ’92 Survivor Series.

Rekindling the Hogan Rivalry: In a show of awesomeness, Money Inc. decided to have some face time with the returning Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake. What I mean is the tag champs repeatedly hit Beefcake in the face with a steel briefcase. During all this Jimmy Hart felt Money Inc. had gone to far, and tried to help Beefcake. This turned Hart face, and set him up to be Hulk Hogan’s manager at the WrestleMania 9, from Las Vegas. Hogan and Beefcake nearly won the belts, when the original ref was bumped, and Jimmy Hart made himself a ref, and declared them the new champs. Another referee came out however and DQ’d Hogan for using Brutus’ protective mask as a weapon, giving Money Inc. the Tag Titles back.

Losing the Belts and Beyond: The Million Dollar Man and I.R.S. lost the WWE Tag Team Titles, to the Steiner Brothers, only to regain, and then lose them again to the Steiners. DiBiase would then feud with, a newly face, Razor Ramone. He would team with I.R.S. several times against Razor and The 123 Kid. This culminated into DiBiase’s last big match at SummerSlam’93, where he lost to Ramone. He was put on hiatus for a while, and would return as a manager of his own Million Dollar Corporation stable.

If guys like Hogan, Dusty Rhodes, and Jim Duggan represented the “American Hero”, then it’s obvious DiBiase represented the evilness that American Freedom can create. Hogan never fought many anti-American heels in the WWE because the greatest threat to America was a needed byproduct of our freedom, our own selfish greed.

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