Quick Hits: WWE Total Divas – Episode 15 (w/MJH)

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SEASON RECAP: Nikki Bella needs some clean-cut answers from John Cena about the future. Nattie nearly blows it by drunk dialing Stephanie McMahon. And Brie & Bryan make it semi-official.

<- Nikki worrying about her pregnancy test being positive because she wouldn’t be able to drink appears like somewhat of a minor issue compared to what John Cena’s reaction would have been.

<- So Nattie “drunk dialed” numerous WWE executives, including Stephanie McMahon? If this wasn’t a reality show (and she not a Hart), she’d be gone.

<- Eva Marie didn’t tell her family what time she’d be arriving. Didn’t tell them she was bringing her significant other along. And didn’t tell her parents that she’s engaged. Perfect combination for E! TV.

<- John Cena Kids Meme

<- It has to be weird to sit down for dinner with a guy you’ve never met and he’s not even wearing a shirt.

<- Damn, not only did all of Nikki’s friends gang up on Cena but also took potshots at Nikki as well. Great friends!

<- Eva REALLY didn’t see that reaction coming from her family after one failed engagement and that she’s only been dating this new guy for a few months?

<- I absolutely LOVE the fact that Daniel Bryan made the E! crew take that hike because they knew he was going to propose at the top of the mountain.

<- Imagine if Brie had said no. That would have been one hell of an awkward hike back down the mountain.

<- Knowing the WWE hierarchy, politics and culture that resonates throughout that corporation, Natalya would have been reading her own “future endeavors” post on WWE.com had she had even the slightest bit of a bad reputation about her.

<- I have to say, I love that Stephanie McMahon saved each embarrassing voicemail that Natalya left. And it was awesome. Nattie is amazingly lucky that Stephanie took them all with a grain of salt. I’m sure it helps that this is probably Nattie’s first misstep in a LONG time – if ever.

<- Well, it’s nice to know how stable Eva Marie is. High maintenance is too subtle of a description for her.

<- Uh oh, Nikki Bella’s “been thinking”.

<- So John Cena NEVER will get married again and will NEVER want kids. I bet Nikki’s regretting that the pregnancy test came back negative now.

<- THAT’S IT UNTIL MARCH! Nothing really WWE-related here with the show wrapping up their first season the true E! Television way.

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