Rabblecast #346 WWE/NBC Negotiations, AJ Styles Becomes A Free Agent

The WWE Universe is up for grabs! That is until NBC can decide whether not to accept WWE’s terms for renewing their contract(s) for all of their programming. Worst case scenario, WWE will have to find a new home for all of their shows(RAW, Smackdown, and more). The upside being that WWE might be able to find a partner to help them finally launch their very own network. Everything is up in the air as the two companies negotiate what could be a turning point, not just for WWE, but for the Professional Wrestling industry.

On the other side of the wrestling fence, “Former TNA Wrestler”, AJ Styles is a free agent! The idea that TNA is currently running with is that Styles and TNA could not come to terms on a contract renewal. This leaves “The Phenomenal One” free to go where ever he wants, with the TNA Championship around his waist. With Styles’ booking dates filling up, TNA is hoping to generate some buzz that might translate into more TNA fans and possibly higher ratings for “Impact Wrestling”. A risky move on their part, but sometimes the risk is worth the payoff.


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On this week’s show:

  • WWE TLC 2013 fallout
  • Madison Rayne returns to TNA
  • Blood Red Turns Dollar Green by Paul O’Brien
  • Happy Holidays from us to you!


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