Agon Wrestling Championship II (Flint, MI) – Live Results and Play by Play

With no MMA this weekend, and Glory 13 last night, we at Inside Fights have opted to handle the MMA void this weekend by tackling something different: Agon Wrestling. We’ll have live play by play of the event, slated to start at 1pm EST on Agon’s Website.

The live feed is also up on Michigan, so you check it there too.

Max Askren vs. Sam Wendlend

First period – Askren in deep on an ankle pick early and that funky style gets him a takedown. He gets the turn and should get exposure BUT is credited with an escape as he gets off the match. Which is odd because it should be 4-0 right now. They take some time to correct it and it’s still wrong at 3-0. Askren is up 5-0 after scoring a takedown again deep on the inside and we’ve got a quick stoppage for some blood. Back standing and Askren in on a deep single, defended well by Wendlend and we’re battling in a scramble on the mat. Askren with a pair of turns to rack up some points. Third turn and we’re off the mat. Askren is up 13-0 right now.

Askren 13, Wendlend 0

There’s no tech falls in Agon, thus this could get really ugly really quickly unless Wendlend just goes “no mas” and defaults. Askren is running through him right now.

Second period – Wendlend comes out a bit more aggressive and quick to sprawl. Askren is getting in deep when he shoots and Wendlend is being tentative in it. Askren in deep on a single and Wendlend is fighting him off. Askren has that leg and has it tight. Stalemate and we’re back up. Askren in deep on a single and Wendlend with a deep sprawl. His strategy seems to be to go for the stalemate when Askren goes in for the single and instead of setting up the scramble. Askren with with a quick ankle pick and notches a takedown. Can’t do anything and we’re up to a stalemate. Askren in deep on a single and Wendlend sprawls deep and the round ends.

Askren 15, Wendlend 0

Third period – Wendlend gets a takedown quickly and he’s going for the turn but can’t. Askren is back to his feet and Askren with the reversal. Wendlend is on his stomach and stalemate. 17-2 so far and Wendlend has to go for broke and get the pin now; he can’t win unless he gets a takedown and some turn points or gets the stick. Askren in deep on the single and Askren tries to roll through. Wendlend nearly gets Askren on his back but can’t. Askren with the takedown and Wendlend’s on his gut again. Turn from Askren and Wendlend reverses Askren. Askren on his stomach and now it’s 21-4 with 20 seconds to go. Wendlend gets the takedown and Askren is trying to stall his way through the final moments. Askren fakes a single and Wendlend with a takedown and a turn as the round ends.

Askren 21, Wendlend 10

Andy Simmons vs. Kellen Russell

Simmons comes out to Pantera’s “Cowboys from Hell.” Russell to Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball.” Advantage Russell.

First period – Beautiful low single from Simmons and he nearly gets it early. Russell with a crotch lift to stop and we’re in a scramble. Russell gets the takedown and turn to go up 4-0. Stalemate and we’re back up. Tie up and both guys are fighting for position. Not much as the first ends.

Russell 4, Simmons 0

Second period – Simmons in a deep single after some tie up action and Russell with a tie up. Stalemate, no points. Tie up and both guys are can’t get anything started. Very even matchup after the opening takedown/turn from Russell. Simmons is being more cautious now and not bull rushing. Russell isn’t getting super aggressive and not a lot of action. Russell bull rushes and gets the takedown, Simmons on his gut and stalemate to get back up. Final 30 seconds and a shot attempt from Simmons is sprawled out of, Russell holds him up in a cow catcher until the round ends.

Russell 6, Simmons 0

Third period – Tue up and Russell in on a low single. Simmons back up to his feet and Russell holds onto that single. Stands up on that single and Russell sweeps the leg to get the takedown. Stalemate and back up. Simmons is down big time and has to go for broke now. Simmons is trying to set up a throwby to get to that leg and Russell is content to ride out time right now. Wild scramble and push out from RUssell garners him another point. 30 seconds left and Russell is content to hand fight his way to the win. He’s doing just enough to not get called for stalling but not much more. Match ends.

Russell 9, Simmons 0

Ben Bennett vs. Cam Simaz

First period – Front headlock pulldown attempt from Simaz early and Bennett footworks his way out of it. Simaz is looking to push the head and get in deep but can’t. Nice high crotch from Bennett and he can’t finish as Simaz is doing a great job with the scramble. Ends in a stalemate and we’re back up. Simaz in a high crotch, Bennett with a crotch left and manages to grab a leg off it. Back in the scramble and neither guy has done enough to avoid the stalemate. One minute to go and Simaz with an ankle pick to a takedown. He goes for a leg lace and Bennett manages to get the stalemate. Simaz going in for a single and Bennett is fighting off well. Period ends.

Simaz 2, Bennett 0

Second period – Simaz in on a single early and Bennett counters with a crotch lift. Stalemate and we’re back to our feet. Bennett working wrist control and Simaz back in on a deep single, high crotch counter from Bennett and we’re stalemated again. Bennett in on a single and gets the takedown, Simaz to his stomach and Bennett traps the arm for a turn. Off the mat and back to the middle. Bennett on a bad shot and Simaz gets the takedown. Can’t get the turn and we’re back up to our feet. Simaz with a nice low double at the end of the period.

Simaz 6, Bennett 4

Third period – Tie up and Bennett gets his ankle caught up. He’s in deep on the ankle pick and Bennett tries to scoot through. Bennett tries to roll out of it and Simaz gets the takedown. Can’t get the turn and we’re back to our feet. Simaz is super aggressive now as he’s getting on Bennett’s legs regularly. Bennett with another bad shot and Simaz gets a takedown, he releases Bennett and we’re up to our feet. Same sequence and Simaz with another takedown and release. Bennett in deep and can’t get the takedown, Simaz with the takedown and a turn. Simaz with another deep low single Bennett defends this but we’ve got a stalemate as the round ends.

Simaz 16, Bennett 4

Brent Metcalf vs. Chris Bono

First period – Both guys come out aggressive as we have a lot of tie ups to start. Metcalf on a high crotch and gets the takedown. He’s going for a gut wrench and then a leg lace that can’t work. Stalemate. Metcalf is the clear aggressor here as these guys are getting rough with the hand fighting. Metcalf in on a low single, gets the takedown and in on gut wrench. Can’t get it, can’t turn on the leg lace and we’re back standing. More hand fighting and period ends this way.

Metcalf 4, Bono 0

Second period – Rough handfighting to start again as the first minute is positional . Metcalf in on a single but can’t finish. He’s trying to get inside on a single but Bono is doing a great job keeping away. Metcalf is trying to work the tie up into a low single and Bono is playing defense well in the first two minutes. Metcalf on high crotch and gets the takedown. The left high crotch is killing Bono at this point; he just can’t stop it. Metcalf can’t get in as the period ends.

Metcalf 6, Bono 0

Third period – Hand fighting early and Bono goes for the left handed high crotch. Can’t finish, Metcalf shows him how it’s done and gets one of his own for a takedown. He lets him up and gets another for 2. Let’s him back up again and after 20 seconds gets another left high crotch. Push out on Bono and he gets another point. Two more off the high crotch and a turn from Metcalf. Let’s him up and we’re up to the middle Metcalf is burying him in this third period. Match ends with Bono countering a left high crotch with a crotch lift to some success. Can’t pull it off and Metcalf gets a takedown to end the match.

Metcalf 19, Bono 0