Ronda Rousey – Miesha Tate Getting Title Shot Because Of “Nice Ass,” Not Merit

Ronda Rousey is a fun interview when you get her going, it seems, and Jim got her to go off on the former Strikeforce women’s bantamweight champion. You can hear the whole interview below, where Rome coaxes a great interview out of her, but the money quote is Rousey’s rant on Tate’s merits as a title challenger.

“She really has to nitpick to try and find weaknesses in my game. I mean, she has to tell herself something. If you think about it, her best performance ever was against Marloes Coenen to win the Strikeforce belt. Then I beat her very decisively and then she had an embarrassing and bad performance against Julie Kedzie where she got dropped and head kicked. She got dropped a couple of times. She was pretty much embarrassing and bad to the very end. And then in her UFC debut she lost and got dropped by an elbow by Cat Zingano. She was getting beat pretty badly. Then Cat Zignano hurt her knee. Miesha has a nice ass and she has an ongoing rivalry with me and that’s the only reason she was picked for this fight. The rivalry is why she is even around. It’s not because of her athletic merit. She really has to play that part of it up (rivalry) because that’s all she really has. She has to make it personal because you can’t make it an athletic rivaly because there really is no comparison. I’m an Olympic athlete and she’s a high school wrestler.”

Below are the pictures from a recent photo shoot for Tate. You be the judge.

Images From Fitness Gurls website

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