10 Thoughts: WWE RAW 12.23.2013 (Batista, Mark Henry, Bad News Barrett)

Season’s greetings to you and yours as we dive into this week’s Christmas edition of Monday Night Raw.

1. Long before Mark Henry uncancelled Christmas, I knew Christmas was be just fine when I got an early present in Randy Orton taking the night off. Also, Randy gave the members of Authority hugs except for Kane. This seems like a bad idea, the guy is an expert on the subject.

2. You would think with it being a taped show that WWE would take advantage and re-record some of the bad commentary. Specifically that of JBL confusing Summer Rae with Rosa Mendes (who wasn’t even in the match). Really everything about this match could’ve been written off and replaced, not just the commentary.

3. I’m liking what I’ve seen lately out of Cody as of late. Maybe tag team wrestling fits him better but then again, he’s spent most of his career thus far in tag teams and didn’t look this good.

4. Santino and Khali won a singing contest. Yeah, that happened and it was about as bad as you’d imagine. Also, only 2 members of 3MB participated so I’m assuming this is where Heath Slater draws the line on humiliating himself. Additionally, R-Truth made the first botch of saying “Houston” instead of where they actually were (Austin) but nobody seemed to notice or perhaps this is just something we’ve come to expect out of Truth.

5. Fandango and Dolph Ziggler engaged in a Festivus match (might as well, it is Dec 23rd) for an Intercontinental Championship match next Monday Night. I think we’ve all been airing our grievances over Ziggler lately so I won’t delve into the fact that Fandango won the feats of strength and just skip to the part where we all enjoy meatloaf.

6. Darren Young gave us the 2nd Austin botch and then proceeded to job to the Usos. Don’t mess with Texas?

7. Good Santa Mark Henry saved Christmas with an apparently hard to operate fire extinguisher, a toilet, a gift-wrapped kendo stick and later, a bunch of cupcakes. Christmas was saved but at what cost? Can’t believe Mark would waste perfectly good cupcakes like that.

8. El Torito came out dressed as an albino bull? But it’s a feel good holiday show so of course Los Matadores get a match and the win. They did use a bit of twin match at one point so now they’re in the esteemed company of The Bellas. I’m sure both men are proud to join those ranks.

9. Bad News Barrett pocketed money from the citizens of Austin. Now you know why I don’t give money to those bell-ringers.

10. Batista is returning on January 20th. I think it’s a safe assumption that WWE wasn’t going to announce it this far in advance (or at all) but did so after the news got leaked a few days ago. He comes back a week before the Rumble, let the speculations begin!

On a quick Classy Ring Attire note, our 99th episode went live a few days ago and it features the return of Chasity Taylor. It’s a super fun episode that you won’t want to miss so be sure to subscribe to Classy Ring Attire on iTunes!

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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